Poker Need To Know: Preflop

You may be interested to learn that the most commonly asked question that pops up with respect to poker strategy is that about preflop strategy. As in when to raise, as in how to change up the sizes of the raises, when to re-raise and that sort of thing.

Of course, you can quite readily understand that each and every one of those questions must necessarily have specific answers in some types of no limit holdem. Take tournaments for example. In tournaments where the stack sizes are just five, ten or twenty big blinds, it is critical to play the hands the right way. Yet that being said, the other side of this if you will is that the fact of the matter is that in other types of no limit holdem, you have a bit more flexibility. That means that there is no set of rules that you can use as your poker play bible. Instead, a better approach is to take on a more general philosophy for your game play.

With that in mind, how about a quickie bit of poker wisdom for you? Here it is: your preflop play should in no uncertain terms support your post flop play. Huh? In the simplest terms, all that really means is that your post flop play should be in sync with the strategy you arrived at for your preflop. Still with us here?

Look at this example. Suppose you decided your post flop goal (that you carefully determined based on your assessment of your opponent’s tendencies) is to go for the big hand and earn a payoff for stacks. In that case, you will most certainly not want to do a whole lot of three-bet or four-bet bluffing with the cards you are holding showing up as suited aces and suited connectors.

Why is that? Consider that those suited aces and connectors are most often the hands you will have when you make that big hand that can earn you the big payout. Still following along? Then you can easily see that it would be silly to to try to shut down the pot preflop when you can hold the hands you hope to win the big pot with.

Bottom line is this: the first and best poker strategy you will want to embrace is that of always ever making sure your preflop strategy is in tune with your post flop goal.

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