Poker Wisdom From Small Stakes Games

Hold on there. Before you scoff and turn away thinking to yourself that there could hardly be anything worth paying attention to in small stakes poker, think again. The fact of the matter is that nowadays you are just as likely to encounter some very competent poker players in these small stakes games. With that in mind, take a look at a few strategies you can take along with you to the next small stakes poker match.

The first such strategy has to do with positioning. Interestingly, this very same concept is just as applicable to online poker matches as it is to the poker game you play on Friday evenings with your friends. In short, you want to take the little bit of extra time to position yourself so that the poker players you consider to be better players are to your right.

As you probably know, the power of position in a poker game is hard to underestimate. Think about it this way. The poker player with the better position will necessarily be the last act in most hands. That means that this player is free to make value wagers as well as bluffs with a fairly clear picture of the value you place on your own hand. In other words, take the strategy of position seriously at your next poker game.

Yet another strategy that you can bring to bear in both small stakes poker as well as poker games with more sizable pots is that of imbalances. In other words, no matter what your skill level at poker should happen to be, you will always want to be on high alert to the nuances of the other players. Understand that what you are really looking to find are what can be referred to as imbalances in your opponent’s poker play.

Once you have clearly identified these poker play imbalances, you can readily understand that you will want to systematically take advantage of these imbalances. Take a look at a simple example. Suppose one of your poker opponents just so happens to be three betting 10% or more of the time preflop.

Right away you notice that pattern and understand that this player has several mediocre hands and perhaps even a few outright bluffs in that three betting range. Obviously nobody ever will end up with premium hands so often. Spotting this opportunity, you can then four bet this player more lightly.

Bottom line: poker play wisdom is always available to you, no matter what the size of the pot. You can learn just as much or perhaps even more from these small stakes games.

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