Profiting From Vegas Books Losers?

Absolutely. Well, as long as you pay attention to the fine points, you can most certainly wind up with more money in your pocket. In this case, it’s all about Las Vegas sports books and the category that they end up losing the most money with.

Consider this quote: “we just can’t beat them consistently…” from a well respected sports book. What is this all about? I’ts none other than what is called the two-team 7 point teaser. Of course, do understand this sports betting wisdom is all about NFL games. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look.

First some background info so all of this will make sense to you. Understand that the sports books in Las Vegas traditionally have wagers that require the bettor to pull out -150 (that is, pull out $15.00 from your wallet for every $10 you expect to win). At the exact same time, other sports books in town are offering the same wager for only -140 (that is, lay down $14.00 for every 10.00 you expect to win).

But here’s the key. It turns out that this was becoming a problem for the sports books. Why so? Some very smart betting folks figured out that by crossing over key numbers like 3, 6, 7, and 10 along with 7 points on the the two-team teaser should have been priced as high as -155 or even -160.

Believe it or not, it turns out that the majority of the handle on the entire teaser category comes from the two-teamers. Post season analysis proves this point decisively. The one and only one area that consistently showed small loses for the sports books was the two-team 7 point teasers. To get a grasp on how important this is, you must understand that sports book rarely, if ever lose, at least on a consistent basis.

Hmm, it gets curiouser still. Recognizing this was an issue, a few of the more prominent sports books in town took them off the board completely. Note in a recent update, it seems that they were put back on the board after all.

Why would sports books use teasers at all? Perhaps they feel that bettors would take their business elsewhere if they weren’t available. At any rate, if your favorite sports book makes this available, you can see that this is your opportunity.

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