Put Them To Rest Already, Those Sports Betting Myths

You know the ones we are talking about here. Those seemingly eternal sports betting myths that never go away. Really. You owe it to your sports betting success and better still your wallet to put those myths to bed. With that in mind, here is quick down and dirty replay of some of the worst sports betting myths out there.

Probably the most prevalent of all of the sports betting myths is that of wagering on the Favorite. When you think about it sort of makes sense. After all, you might be thinking to yourself: “…if everybody is thinking this way, they must know something I don’t. Better safe than sorry”. Uggh! Not so much.

You may recall a somewhat famous quip from a few decades or so ago. This quote summarizes the key problem quite succinctly: “…the crowd is usually wrong…”. Not all the time, to be sure. Yet often enough that should you find your self thinking you will simply play it safe and bet on the Favorite, you might want to halt for a moment and reconsider what and why you are thinking that way.

There’s more. Consider that nowadays, at least with professional sports, there is quite a bit of parity between the teams and the players. That is why the professional sports betting handicappers spend countless hours poring over statistics and formulas in a desperate attempt to find even a small factor that could affect the final outcome. Reality: betting on the underdogs can often end up with superior results.

Another big sports betting myth that you want to let go of is the one that assumes that what those sports analysts on TV report is the gospel truth. Spoiler Alert: Not true. In fact, in a shocking number of instances these so-called professional sports analysts turn out to be pretty far off. But hey, don’t blame them. It’s not their fault. Remember these guys or gals as the case may be are paid to talk about a team, a player or an event. At the same time make sure you understand the easy to overlook point that these folks are not professional handicappers. They are not running a professional sports book or anything like that.

As you can plainly see from the above, it could be that that one or both of the sports betting myths discussed above could be putting a dent in your wallet. When it comes time to pull out your cash for your next sports bet, make sure these myths are not getting in your way.

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