Rethinking Sports Betting Wisdom

You might have noticed that with respect with sport betting tactics or strategy recommendations the advice you get is literally all over the map. As in ask three different sport betting gurus for their very best advice and you will walk away with three different answers, some of them contradicting each other.

That being said, there is one underlying truth with sport betting that you have to make sure you understand. This is the undeniable fact that your sports book will most always have an edge up on the latest info about the event. Never forget these sports books can only stay in business if they make a profit. This profit shows up to you in the form of the average of 4% vigorish of the amount you are wagering.

A key implication of that last point is that it means that you must win more than you think. You many have heard or seen some incorrect advice that just does not apply to sports betting. This advice goes something like this : you only need to win about 51% of the time.

Uh no. Not so much. In fact, if that is that is your strategy you may well find yourself with a significantly lighter wallet or purse at the end of the year. You see, in real math terms you must account for the vigorish discussed above. What that means in the real world is that you must win at least 52% of the time to come out ahead at the end of the year. Got it?

Moving on then, another piece of contrary sport betting wisdom you will want to acquaint yourself with is about the focus. As you already know, the traditional approach with the most common sport betting action is to wager on the opposing player or team. But here’s a new twist for you. Turn this upside down and look at it another way.

Instead of the traditional sport betting approach, think about sport betting as not so much betting for a team as much as you are betting against their opponent. Huh? In plain English, all that really means is that you may end up better off if you assume the attitude you would have if you were in one of those last man standing pools in football betting pools. In other words, surprisingly often, you are better off finding the worst team and then betting against them.

Why does that work? Actually the answer is amazingly simple. Believe it or not, bad teams are more consistent than good teams. Shocking but true. Now do you understand the value of taking a good hard look at what you think is sports betting wisdom?

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