Rethinking Traditional Poker Play

Whether you are a serious poker player or merely a casual observer of the game, you have undoubtedly noticed that of all of the possible online casino games out there, even online sports betting for that matter, the game of poker is one of the very few online casino games in which social interaction is a big deal. As you might have well noticed, even in the very best online casino sites with live dealer action, the experience is just not quite the same as sitting down at a real table and being able to look around close up and personal at the other players in that poker game. Thus it is no big mystery that professional poker is only ever played out in face to face matches.

All of that being said, a relatively new development by Casino VR Poker make completely rewrite the rules for live play poker as you know them today. What is Casino VR Poker all about? Back up a moment and think about another exciting tech trend that is only just now starting to become more widespread. That tech trend is that of using what is commonly referred to as Virtual Reality technology.

Here is where it gets really interesting. Casino VR Poker is set to release a product that will put you right there at the table, even though you are comfortable seated in your living room. You see, the Casino VR Poker product is a completely immersive virtual reality poker multiplayer poker game. Naturally to enjoy the poker play with Casino VR Poker you will need a fully functioning VR headset such as the one by Oculs RiFt that is on track to be released in a few short months.

Truth be told, the Casino VR Poker is still in the Beta testing phase of it’s development. That being said, the Casino VR Poker product is attracting quite a bit of attention from some big names in the online gambling industry. You can readily understand the appeal of the Casino VR Poker technology in terms of poker since the game of poker is considered one of the most social online casino games. Note that when using the Casino VR Poker tech, the online casino player is able to interact with the other player in real time using both head tracking and spatial voice chat.

It does not take much imagination to see how the Casino VR Poker tech could completely rewrite the rules for poker play as well as other online casino games.

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