Smackdown In Online Poker World

As you already know, there are times, even more so over the last few decades or so, when the technology at our disposal gets ahead of our ability to handle it. In this case, its all about playing fairly.

You may remember the controversy a few years back when word of seating scripts first came out. At first, the technology looked promising. In the beginning, it seemed to perform as something akin to a match-making service. In other words, weaker poker players were “matched” with higher skilled poker players. The thought was this would help the weaker player or even the neophyte online poker player to up their game.

However, as time passeed it became evident this is not what was happening so much after all. Instead, it began to look like the more skilled online poker players were using seating script software to stack the deck in their favor. In other words, some not so scrupulous online poker players used seating scripts to pad their wallets at the expense of less skilled players. Ouch! Not so good, especially for an online gambling industry that is growing and receiving a lot of media attention of late.

Seeing the writing on the wall, the bigwigs behind PokerStars decided that enough is enough. As you know, PokerStars is the largest online poker in the world. What that means is this: when PokerStars makes a move, it has repercussions around the world. Here is what is going on. Pokerstars recently announced the beginning of the end of seating scripts.

According to their release, the first step is to limit the number of times an online poker player can reserve a table but fail to show up for the game. A representative admitted this won't completely solve the problem, but it will in fact improve the situation. The representative was quoted as saying: "...hope this measure will end the scenario that results in tables being effectively 'locked out' by seating scripts without intending to play."

As of now, it is not clear when or even if PokerStars will implement a full ban. All the same, if in fact you have been using seating scripts as part of your online poker strategy you may need to look for another winning strategy. Even spokespersons at Microgaming Poker Network admit that although seating scripts are currently allowed, that will not be the case forever. Bottom line is this: time to move on. Seating scripts are on the way out.

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