Small Stakes Tactics Can Lead You To Slaughter

Really, that is exactly how it plays out in the real world. One way to say this is that it is a case of what you think you know will come back and bite you in the rear end.

For an example of how this plays out, think about the typical small stakes player. This player thinks he has it all figured out, he knows his stuff (at least in his mind) and is ready to take on tougher games with tougher players. Uh oh, not so much. This is most often where the small stakes player learns up close and personal that what he thought he knew doesn’t work.

Take a common small stakes strategy you can find just about anywhere you look, the strategy of folding to larger bets. You see, folding to larger bets is almost a required strategy in small stakes game. Why is that? Simple, you have to fold on the larger bet to polarize your opponent’s range. And, for the record, in most cases, with a small stakes game the strategy really does work.

Polarizing your opponents range works because you know right away what’s going on with the other side of the table. Either your opponent has a very strong hand or is bluffing. When you find yourself between these two poles, you could call this your personal bluff catcher. It works out like this: you lose when he has the stronger hand. On the other hand, you win when it turns out that the opponent is bluffing.

Let’s keep going with this illustration. The fact of the matter is that the majority of small stakes players simply do not make a sufficient number of big bluffs for you to call with your bluff catcher. Here’s why: to call, you have to have it in your head that your opponent might be bluffing from 25 to 35 percent of the time. You see, on average small stakes players bluff about this many times overall.

On the other hand, if you dare try bringing this strategy into tougher games with tougher players you will be quickly put to pasture. Here’s why: in the bigger games, tougher player bluff a lot. Some players actually enjoy making monstrous bluffs and doing it fairly often. If you dare show your hand (pun intended) by not calling the big bets, your opponent will take note and use this against you. You absolutely must call with bluff catchers fairly often at these tougher games. This is how the game is played at this level, its simply part of the game.

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