Sport Betting Insider’s Know How: Ties Win Parlay

As a smart sports bettor, you know you have to be up on all the sports betting lingo. You have certainly heard about parlay wagers. On the other hand, how familiar with ties win parlay cards are you?

First, a down and dirty definition. Remember that a parlay is a single bet that ties together two or more separate bets. To win a parlay, all of the bets in the parlay must be winners. As you might expect, the potential payouts are huge simply because the odds of actually winning are that much more stacked against you.

With that in mind, here is another twist on parlay bets you can use for your own sports betting strategies. Consider that with a typical parlay card, if there happens to be a “tie”, then the result is a reduction. In other words, on a normal parlay card, the reduction acts as if the bettor never even picked that game to start with.

Take a look at this example and you will see the point. Suppose you had started with a pick 5 card. At the end of the day, your card ends up with 4 definitive wins and 1 tie. Guess what? Your winnings will be paid out based on only the 4 wins. In other words, the tie doesn’t count for you or against you.

On the other hand, did you even know there is such a thing as a “ties-win” card. It’s true. Here is the point you need to know. With a ties-win card, your tie would count for you. So, take a look back at the example above. If that pick 5 card was actually a ties win card, your payout would be the total of the 4 definitive wins plus the tie.

Another point you will want to note is that the majority of spreads in the sports betting world are integers. If you remember from your high school math class, integers are numbers without fractions. The point to understand is that since most points spreads are indeed integers, ties are actually more likely to occur naturally.

How can you use ties win parlay cards to come out ahead of the game? Keep these two tips in mind. Number one, you will want to sift through the games available to bet and pick those where there is at least a half-point difference between the market “off the board” and the actual line on the card. Secondly, concentrate on spreads where you can identify a key number such as a frequent margin of victory.

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