Sports Betting And Sharpening Your Saw

Right about now when summer is on the edge of fading away into fall and winter and when some of the most thrilling and gut-wrenching sports betting action is yet to begin, now is the time. The time to “sharpen your saw” if you will. You may recall the famous quote from former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln about cutting down a tree. He said, in so many words that if he had a certain amount of time to chop down a tree he would actually spend most of his available time sharpening his saw.

Well guess what? The exact same thing applies to you and your sports betting. Unless you are more of the amateur sort of sports bettor who never really expects to make any money of this whole sports wagering thing, now, as in right now, is the time to do the prep work.

In this case, the saw you need to sharpen is all about getting clear and review the fundamentals. The basics of sports betting, in other words. Never ever forget that more often than not it often is all about mastering a few key concepts (strategies if you will) that can make or break your sports betting season. So with all of the above in mind, following are four fundamentals you probably already know. Nevertheless, knowing them is but the first step, following them is the key. Here goes:

First up, when wagering, you will want to bet on the favorites early on. Use the fact that the public loves to bet on the favorites to your advantage. The second part of this strategy is bet on the underdogs later on.

Next, make sure you understand the true worth of any betting line. This is most often referred to as the betting percentages. In other words, use betting percentage data to determine the true worth.

Another one is to always keep in mind that the majority is usually wrong. In other words, bet against the public sentiment. If the majority are favoring one side, you will add more to your winning pile by betting the opposite. Keep in mind there is real research now available supporting this strategy.

Lastly, pay close attention to the sportsbook. Before you pull out your wallet to risk your hard earned money, take the time to do your own homework. Shop around for the best line and you can add 3% or more to your win percentages.

As you can see, preparation for the busy sports betting season ahead entails a review of the basics. Learn from the advice of a former president and sharpen up your sports betting saw. You’ll be glad you did.

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