Sports Betting Crystal Ball

That’s what just about any sports betting fan out there really wants is it not? Seriously, if you gaze into the proverbial crystal ball and know which teams, which games, whatever, you would do everything in your power to make sure you got your hands onto this ball.

Okay, so maybe not a crystal ball per se, but something that pretty much does something very similar. It goes by the name of Zcode. Technically, the company refers to this sports betting solution as the Zcode system.

Here is what this is all about. The Zcode system works on your behalf to help you get rid of the guesswork when placing your sports bet. This innovative sports betting system works to tell you exactly which games to bet on. Just as, if not more importantly, this system also tells you whcih teams to avoid. If you pop open the hood with the Zcode system you will find some proprietary algorithms. These custom formulas perform some very sophisticated calculations by using the latest in data analysis technology.

You may be interested to learn the Zcode was in fact developed by Forex (currency) traders. As you probably know, Forex trading is not for the faint of heart; it takes a lot to be successful in Forex trading. Thus, when you learn that Zcode was the brain child of top notch Forex traders you really should stand up and take notice.

There’s more. Zcode goes way beyond simple win or lose recommendations. The system meticulously calculates what they call a “value” for each game. You then use this value to make your sports bet with the smallest risk possible.

When you are looking at something like a proprietary sports betting system you will naturally feel skeptical and perhaps not be itching to pull the trigger until you know a bit more. Well how about this for credibility? Zcode and Zcode profit claims have actually been verified by an independent outside 3rd party. Are you starting to get a bit curious now? After all, how many of those other so-called winning sports betting systems you see advertised all over the Internet can point to a 3rd Party verification? The answer: not so many.

All that being said, it is important to understand that Zcode is not really designed for the casual sports wager. No. Zcode is a professional grade sports betting system that is designed for the serious sports wager.

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