Sports Betting Inside Info You Need To Know

Naturally just about everyone that places a sports bet is looking for that slight edge, that little bit of extra info that will make the difference between a big win, a little win or an outright loss. Is there such a magic pill that even the average ordinary everyday sports betting could use? Actually, it turns out that there is a bit of sports betting wisdom that you could use that very well might be the last piece in the sports betting puzzle you have been looking for.

In this case, the inside info you will want to understand with sports betting is what is called betting units won. Betting units won? Yes, and hold on. Before you shake your head and proclaim that you are already up to speed on betting units won, you might very well want to read on just to make sure. What is a betting unit won anyway?

A betting unit won refers to the amount of money that a group of plays won or lost. But here’s the thing to pay attention to: betting units won is the final number AFTER the juice is accounted for. You following along here? Many professionals in the sports betting industry proclaim that betting units won is in no uncertain terms the most important number.

How is this most important number used? You use the betting units won to evaluate that sports book your looking at. Think about it this way; before you reach into your pocket to lay down a bit more of your hard earned money don’t you suppose you might want to have a way to evaluate that handicapper? Truth be told, the betting units won is a relatively simple way to compare a group of plays.

Take a look at how easy it is to figure out betting units won. The easy formula takes the odds and divides them by a 100 if the odds were greater than zero. Alternatively, for odds less than zero, just do the opposite. That is, divide 100 by the odds. Example: if Team A is favored over Team B by 3 points and the juice is set at a negative 115 that would mean the betting units won is calculated as 0.87. Now if Team A actually covered the spread, you would have won 0.87 units for the play. On the other hand, if Team A could not cover the spread, you lost one unit.

See how that works in practice? Now you can take the same equation and evaluate any sports book you want.

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