Sports Betting Is Not Rocket Science

But still, successful sports betting does mean you at least owe it to your wallet to have at least a general understanding of how to come out ahead of the game. Ahead of the game in this case means ending the year with more money from your sports betting activities than you started with.

Here’s the thing, a common fallacy if you will. Those sports bettors who are asleep at the wheel so to speak may fall into the trap of thinking something along the lines of “…all that it takes to come out ahead is to win more than you lose…”. Well, it is certainly true that winning is better than losing. But, and this is actually a big BUT, have you ever considered that you could consistently win more games than you lose but still end up short at the end of the year?

How is that even possible? Actually the answer is ridiculously simple to understand. You see, you could actually end up winning more bets but losing money because you don’t approach your sports bets with the attitude of a professional wagerer. Ask yourself a very easy question: “How many times did you bet different amounts over the last 30 days or so?” If you answered more than once, you don’t really have a system. You are just sort of adhering to a more adhoc approach. Throw a little on that team, throw a bit more on the game, that sort of approach. Nope, sorry, that ain’t going to do the trick.

You do see the fix to that sort of approach do you not? The simple fix you can put into practice right now, as in today is to decide on a specific dollar amount that you are comfortable betting with each and every time. Now, do that. Each and every time you pull out your wallet to make another sports bet, make sure you stick to that amount and that amount only. No exceptions. That is the sort of discipline that really does separate the long term winners from the short and long term losers.

You see, this ridiculously simple tactic is based on nothing more than statistics. As you probably know, in one sense statistics takes a looks at what happens over time. In this case, by sticking to a narrow range for your sports betting amount, you will end up with a bigger pile at the end of the year. Yes, it may sound too good to be true, but you cannot argue with the math. Now go forth and prosper.

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