Do You Know the Sports Betting Magic Number?

Start with some very basic sports betting stuff. Believe it or not, it all begins with just a little bit of sports betting (gasp!), math. That’s right, math. But we aren’t calculating the orbit of the Space Shuttle here, we just want to get a good handle on our sports bet. Here, consider this tidbit of wisdom: all sports betting or any sort of gambling for that matter is at its heart all about math.

Back up a step and look at it this way. In one respect, you can think of it as a percentage game. In other words, all you really want is to come out ahead more often. Now you don’t need to get bogged down in complex calculations or anything like that. Take one quick and easy to understand example; then you will understand the importance of sports betting math. Suppose you just got back your income tax refund and that extra money is literally burning a hole in your pocket. You head over to your favorite sports betting arena and whip out a couple of hundred dollar bills. Your favorite college team is set up against their arch enemy and you are certain your alma matter is going to come through.

Now was that a smart bet or not? Maybe, maybe not. Not surprisingly, the real answer is that it depends. If you are simply laying down your hard earned money to support your alma matter based on no other information, well okay. On the other, if you conducted a rigorous analysis and made a calculated sports bet, that is a whole different playing ground. But here is what you need to pay attention to: it is your results over time that really matter. A single sports bet here and there may not mean much. Yet if you are a ‘player’, that is you are active and engaged in the sports betting world, you need to be on top of your numbers.

What number are you looking for? The magical number you always want to keep in the top of your head is the percentage number 52.4%. The arcane mathematical formulas aside, just know that this magic number represents your zero, or break even point. In other words, if you can consistently meet this win percentage number, you won’t be losing your money. Now understand, you won’t be winning either, but at least you aren’t falling behind.

Bottom line is this, understanding how to stay ahead of the game will enhance your sports betting. It all starts with knowing the magic number.

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