Sports Betting Stat Examined In Detail

If you have been in and around the sports betting world for any length of time, chances are you have encountered the term ‘betting units won’. Have you ever taken the time to really understand what betting units won is all about? If not or even if you have, following is a brief overview of betting units won.

Start with a simple working definition of betting units won. This sports betting term refers to the amount of real money a group of plays won or lost after accounting for the vig or juice. Take note that that betting units won is considered by quite a number of professional sports bettors to be the most important number.

You see, the number that the betting units won reveals tells you in no uncertain terms the true value of a betting system or even a handicapper. The fact of the matter is that the betting units won metric is a simple no nonsense way to effectively compare a group of plays no matter what the size of the bankroll involved.

It turns out the calculating the betting units won is actually fairly straightforward and easy to do yourself. The formula looks like this: if the odds are greater than zero, divide the odds by one hundred. Alternatively, if the odds are less than zero, simply divide negative 100 by the odds. In other words, if odds > 0, then use (odds/100). Or if odds are < 0, then use (-100/odds).

Here’s an example to bring this home. Suppose Team B happens to be a 3 point favorite over Team A and juice ends up being a -115. Putting that into our formula looks like this: (-100/-115)= 0.8696. If Team B had actually covered the spread then you would have won =.87 units. On the other hand, if Team B does not cover the spread, that means you lose one unit (-1 unit).

See how that works? Now do understand that not all of the Units Won stats you see posted online are the same. Be wary of sports betting sites that you don’t know so well. The sad fact is that some of these online gambling sites may tend to, shall we say inflate their numbers a bit.

Nevertheless, the stat known as betting units won is a good tool to have at your disposal. Whether to evaluate your own sport plays or to evaluate a sports betting portal, the betting units won is a stat you will want to take the time to fully understand.

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