Sports Betting Terms You Need to Know

Whether you just want to head over to your favorite online casino and enjoy the occasional sports bet or if you are more serious about sports betting, there are some key terms to know and understand. In the sports betting world, you will want to become familiar with these terms before you lay down your hard-earned money.

If you spend any amount of time doing your sports betting homework, you will encounter references to the word “LINEMAKER”. At this point, some old-timers in the sports betting arena will nod their heads in agreement with the following statement: the linemaker is arguably the most respected person associated with sports betting operations. Here’s why: the linemaker is the one in charge of setting up both the original and subsequent betting lines for an event. Occasionally, you may see this person referred to as a handicapper. At any rate, the linemaker performs a vital function for the sports betting operation. Consider that it is the linemaker’s ability to setup a betting line that attracts a balanced amount of action on each side of the line. It is this balanced action on both sides of the line that translates to the sports betting operation’s profits.

Another key term you need to know and become familiar with is Point Spread. Point Spread is pretty much what it sounds like. The point spread is an attempt to define the expected gap between the two opposing teams at the end of the game. More importantly, the goal behind the point spread is to predict the winning team and to predict by how much the winning team will defeat its opponent. Here is some counter intuitive sports betting information you may not be familiar with. Did you know that a team can lose the game, yet still win the point spread? Can you see how many more sports betting scenarios just understanding point spread opens up for you?

Money Line is yet another term you will encounter regarding sports betting. Actually money line is most often associated with amateurs or newcomers to sports betting. Money Line is a specific type of defined betting line. A money line can work in 2 ways. The money line can refer to the amount a player must lay down on his sports bet to possibly win $100.00 or the money line can refer to how much a player can win from a bet of $100.00. The important thing to note about money line bets is that there are no point spreads or handicaps involved at all. Essentially, the wager is only on whether or not the team will win or not.

Conclusion: As you can see, whether you are a rank beginner or an old hand at sports betting, it is essential to understand the meaning of the terms defined above.

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