Sports Betting: Who Do You Listen To?

It goes without saying but just in case you may be sleeping at the wheel we had better go ahead and say it anyway: take everything you hear with a grain of salt. Seriously, that’s a bit of wisdom you might have heard from your grandpa but it is even more important today.

Why so? Take a look around. Seems like everyone is now an expert, the guru of parlays, the expert on teaser bets, the whiz kid for odd even betting. You name it, nowadays there’s an expert standing on the pulpit and promising an overflowing wallet if you will only follow his system (which usually translates to buying his program or training course or perhaps even something so mundane as a newsletter).

Yet toss all of that aside for a moment and go back to the basics. Look to some common sports betting truths and you won’t go wrong. For example suppose you just listed one of the new podcasts that are popping up all over the Internet offering up sports betting wisdom. Now the wisdom might in fact be real, it could even be valuable. But, you have to make sure you are paying attention.

Don’t be like most listeners who grab their Iphone, listen to the podcast for the winning forecast and just go and place a bet. No, that’s amateurish and down right foolish. Instead, when you listen to the pundit talking about his prediction of winners for the next event listen for the story behind the story. In other words you want to find out why he is predicting that win.

Next, if you like the sound of this podcast, keep your money in your wallet for a game or two and keep tuning in. What is he predicting this week and more importantly why? Is it the same strategy or a completely new strategy? The point to get here is you want to hone in on the theory behind the forecasts. Then once you understand the theory and it makes sense to you and it has proved to win more times than lose, then and only then should you take that advice for your own test drive.

Do you see how it works? There really is a lot of good sports betting wisdom out there. Unfortunately there is an awful lot of garbage also. Your job is to wade through the trash and pick up the gold piece lying in the alley.

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