Starters Guide: Money Lines Sports Betting

First, let’s begin with a working definition of Money Lines bet. Then we will move on to what you need to know to make the most of your money lines bet.

A money lines bet can be considered one of the simplest form of sports betting. Essentially the team that you are placing your sports bet on must win the game. Your wager is not subject to any sort of point spread or any type of handicap. Not only that, your payoff, that is to say the amount you walk home with, is based on the true odds of the game rather than fixed odds.

Also, you need to know that the way money line bets work is the following: your money line bet is the amount you have to bet (risk?) to return $100 back to you. To make sense of this type of betting there are some symbols you need to understand.

The plus symbol or (+) is used to tell you which of the two teams that you are looking at is understood to be the underdog. On the other hand, the minus symbol (-) is used to tell you which of the teams is the designated favorite.

Take a look at this example to get a better grasp of this. Suppose you take a look at your favorite online sports book and you see the following: Team C (-140) and Team B (+120). What does those numbers mean? The symbol for Team C tells that this is the underdog and that you would have to put $140.00 of your hard earned money at risk for the possibility of walking away with $100.00. At the same time, the symbol for Team B tells you that this is the favorite and you will only have to put $83 of your hard earned money at risk to possibly win $100.

Is it starting to make sense now? There are a few more things you need to be aware of with money lines betting. For one thing, you can’t sit on the fence with a money line bet. In the example above, you go for either Team B or Team C. You are not allowed to place a money line bet on both teams. Another restriction you want to be aware of is that you are not allowed to place both a money line bet and a point spread bet on the same team.

Now you have the inside angle on money lines for your sports. Go forth and enjoy your sports bet.

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