Stay Tuned For Big Changes In The Sports Betting World

You cannot have missed the back and forth debate that has been at play over the last few months regarding sports betting. Specifically the debate which has been rather contentious on more than one occasion has to do with what sort of activity best defines daily fantasy sports. That is, is it a game of skill? Is it merely gambling in another form? Or perhaps some sort of hybrid combination?

That being said, recent developments out in the state of Nevada may put an end to this debate for once and for all. Here’s what is going on: Nevada just inked a deal that sets up a new online gambling platform. This deal is with the Henderson based US Fantasy company. Note that US Fantasy is a relatively new startup focused specifically on daily fantasy sports.

But here is where it really gets interesting for sports betting fans. As noted above, there are quite a number of states that are staunchly opposed to any sort of daily fantasy sports betting activities. These states voice their opposition in terms that classify fantasy sports betting as nothing more than gambling in another form.

That being said, US Fantasy may have come up with the perfect solution to this quandary. You see, the model utilized by US Fantasy is based on setting up daily fantasy sports betting platforms based on pari-mutual fantasy games. You many not be aware of the fact that many of the states that oppose daily fantasy sports have existing legal pari-mutual operations. Under the US Fantasy business plan, daily fantasy sports will be setup under these pari-mutual laws.

Thus the recent announcement by the Nevada Gaming Commission could prove to the most exciting news about daily fantasy sports betting in quite some time. Take a look at the comment from the chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission himself, Mr. Tony Alamo who was quoted as saying: “It’s so transparent and open”. Well there you go, that comment could very well be the opener that US Fantasy can use in those states that have not yet welcomed daily fantasy sports betting activities.

Pay attention to the fact that this pari-mutual fantasy sports betting model pits the individual sports betting fans against each other on individual player stats. The prize pool is based on the number of players and the size of the wagers.

Bottom line: the new approval of the US Fantasy daily fantasy sports betting model may turn out to be the way to bring this online gambling activity to more states around the country.

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