Stepping Up Online Poker With Dueces Wild

If you are a fan of online poker or video poker or perhaps even if you aren’t, you may well want to pay attention to this quick down and dirty guide to Dueces Wild.

Just in case you have not yet taken the time to find out what Deuces Wild is about, all you really need to know is that this online casino game is more of an amped up version of regular poker. Actually, Deuces Wild is a version of 5 Card Draw Table video poker. The big difference with Deuces Wild is that the four ‘2’ cards (one from each suit) now function as wild cards. In other words, during your gameplay you need to keep in mind that there are four additional wild cards scattered throughout the deck. Of course, it goes without saying that you will want to comfortable with the standard 5 Card Draw poker game. Then and only then should you venture out and try your hand at Deuces Wild.

Here is breakdown of a couple of a few different scenarios you could encounter with a round of Deuces Wild. Suppose that the dealing is done and over with, you have decided which cards you are going to stick with, you have discarded the cards you didn’t feel so good about and now you are sitting there looking at the cards in your hand.

Suppose by an incredible stroke of luck you actually end up with four deuces in your hand. Game Over, nobody at the table can beat your hand now. Next down the line is when you end up with three deuces. In this case you could win by just about any combination of the remaining two cards in your hand. Next up is when you find that you are looking at a pair of deuces in your hand. What does this mean? Get it; this is still a strong hand and could actually turn out to be the winner depending on your other cards you are holding. Lastly there is the case when you have only a single deuce. Obviously, it’s still good to be holding at least one wild card. Yet you have to realize this is not really such a strong hand to be holding, much less making strong wagers upon.

Bottom line: Deuces Wild is a game that can add some excitement and thrill to your video poker matches. Next time you are hanging out at your favorite online casino, give Deuces Wild a try.

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