Strange But True Sports Betting Tip

Everyone wants the secret, the winning combination, the crystal ball to let them peer into the future and pick the winner. Yet, have you considered there may actually be some real science behind picking the winner the next time you pull out your wallet to place a sports bet. Take a look at the following sports betting tip brought to us in the name of science.

Have you noticed the incredible disparity of East - West NFL night games? In case you have not, here is something that may put a halt to your current sports betting strategy. Did you know that in studying 30 years of data, researchers have found that West coast teams soundly whipped the point spread for East coast teams 66% of the time. Did you get that one? According to researchers from Harvard and Stanford, the West coast teams beat the East coast teams 2 times out of 3. Ouch! That hurts if you have been putting down your hard earned money on your favorite East Coast team when they play on the West coast.

The researchers suggest this wide disparity may in fact be caused by something as mundane as your circadian rhythm. If you forgot your high school science class material, circadian rhythms refer to the natural sleep and wake cycle for your body. Of course, you know that there is a time difference between New York and Los Angeles. But how does that matter?

Think about it this way. For most everyone, the circadian rhythms suggest that the peak performance time is in the late afternoon. As the afternoon progresses into the evening and nightfall your performance starts to drop and your body starts signaling you it’s about time to head to your bed to get some sleep.

Ooops, not so much. Today is game day. It doesn’t matter that you have been up since 6:00 on the East Coast. Game time is at 7:00 pm sharp. Ouch! To the East coast player, its about bedtime while the West Coast player is just about primed for top performance. In other words, on game day, the East team is physically and perhaps mentally winding down while the West Coast team is primed and ready to go.

So what’s a smart sports bettor to do? The answer is to simply add this in as a new tool in your tool box of sports betting strategies. When the time is right to use this tool, pull it out and place your bet accordingly.

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