The 411 On Winning With Sports Betting Trends

Naturally when you pull out your wallet and hand over some cash to place a sports bet you are hoping, perhaps even crossing your fingers for the best and looking for that big payoff. And, truth be told, the big payoffs or even the medium payoffs are out there. All it takes is a bit of study and practice to learn what works most of the time and what you had best stay away from. At the same time you probably already know that sports betting is a long term play. It is never about focusing on one game or one event. Nope, the ones who really come out ahead with their sports betting activities practice the long term game. They are in it for the long haul.

Now that is out of the way, here is one Sports Betting bet you would be well served to get acquainted with or review if you are already up to speed on this one. This sports betting strategy is most often referred to as a Reverse Line Movement sports wagering strategy.

The Reverse Line Movement betting strategy begins with a close look at what the average ‘Joe’ sports bettor trend happens to be. Then, that trend is turned upside down. In other words, the Reverse Line bet is one that goes against the public. Take a look at a hypothetical example to see how this could play out in practice.

Suppose you happen to be looking at team A and team C. You take a close look at what your favorite sports book is reporting and learn that the numbers are posted as follows: Team A -14, Team B +14. From having done this a few times, you know that means that 80% of the wagers are placed on Team C. But more importantly you also notice that the line suddenly moves against Team A such that all of a sudden it is posted as Team A -13.

From hard won experience you now quickly conclude that big money has come in (sometimes referred to as the “smart money”) and made a play against Team C. Moving even more rapidly now, you immediately search for a sports book offering Team C +14 and place your sports bet. For the record, if done correctly, this strategy can generate some pretty significant wins for you. At the same time you must be fully aware that you will need to practice both patience and be ready to make a move at a moment’s notice.

As you can see, although the Reverse Line Movement can look complicated to describe in print, it is not really that difficult to understand. Play around with the idea a bit then try it out for real.

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