The Big Step Forward In Sports Betting

No kidding, unless you are still living in the Internet Dark Ages, you have most likely come across an app for your iPhone or your Android that promises to take away some of the drudgery associated with sports betting. Naturally, this assumes you are taking your sports betting seriously. You are taking your sports betting seriously aren’t you?

Why bother with an app anyway? Well, look at how the whole sports betting world has changed over the last four decades or so. Do you remember that there was a time when you manually crunched the numbers with a calculator? Numbers that you had tediously written down with your pencil?

The next big thing was the spreadsheet. Wow, suddenly you could type all of your stats into a worksheet and then magically, the numbers are spit out for you instantly. Yet even with this marvelous technology, far too many so-called serious sports bettors didn’t bother with doing the meticulous work of tracking. You know, tracking things such as your picks, your wins, your losses, your profit overall, that sort of thing. So, even with the move from computer from pencil and paper calculations, for most people the tracking just never seemed to get done.

However, now you have a relatively new option that will do away with all of your excuses for not tracking. As you might have guessed, this marvelous new technology is the app. Whether you use an iPhone, an iPad or an Android device, nowadays there really is an “app for that”.

These modern sports betting apps do most if not all of the hard work for you. From a detailed analysis of the types of bets you normally make to your win lose statistics and much more. You see, for the average sports bettor, the real issue is that they don’t know what they don’t know.

On the other hand, a sports betting app can show the sports bettor at a glance whether he is on track to meet his win lose goals for the year. Just as importantly, these apps could reveal clues to your betting style that you might not even be aware of. Consider, nowadays there is more computing power in your Smartphone today than a sports book with a roomful of clerks and calculators not too long ago.

If you are not yet using a sports betting app perhaps it is time to take a closer look.

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