The ‘F’ Factor in Sports Betting

You already know there seems to be mountains of factors to consider before making an informed sports bet. There is everything from current and historical statistics, trends, trend comparison analysis reports, matchups, home field advantage, and so on. Of course, you also know that the smart money in the sports betting arena already knows about these factors and plays them to their best advantage. Yet, have you considered there is another factor, a factor that may or may not be properly priced into your sports betting analysis?

This factor is known as the ‘F’ factor. In this case, the ‘F’ is short hand for Fatigue. Is Fatigue truly that big of a deal? Well, consider it from a different perspective. With all of the focus on the other factors, many in the sports betting arena may have already lost sight of a fundamental fact. The simple fact is this: the players out there on the field are not robots (at least not yet). Those players down there are sweating, they feel the pain, they feel inspired or not, but most relevant to you, they get tired. The main point is that all of the other factors mentioned can be totally overwhelmed by a player or a team that is fatigued out.

Let’s look at this a bit closer. Imagine if you will the stress of back to back games. If your favorite player gives his absolute all on a Tuesday night game, will he recover enough to give it his all on the game scheduled Wednesday night? There’s more. Consider the effects that travel has on the players. You know how much trouble you have sleeping in strange hotel rooms. So on top of being worn out from a well-played game, now add to it the difficulty of getting a decent night’s sleep. Hold on, there’s even more to look at with travel. Consider what happens when a player from the West Coast travels to the East Coast. They arrive already missing three hours of sleep, whether or not they slept well the previous night before their travel.

Along the same lines, consider the impact of multiple back to back games. You have certainly seen NBA or NHL teams scheduled three games in four nights. You might have even witnessed the grueling four games in six night’s schedule. Do you honestly believe the player or the team in general has as much energy on game four as they did on game number one in that six day period?

Are you starting to see the picture here? As you can see, fatigue can be a significant factor when you sit down to make some sense of your next sports betting strategy. If you'd like to learn more about sports betting a site we suggest checking out is a good resource to better assist players in understanding sports betting and how it works.

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