The Scoop On Totals Betting

It is always a good idea to look back to the basics and review the ins and outs of whatever sports betting strategy or tactic you happen to favor. The reality is that over time, you may have a tendency to neglect (shall we say forget?) what you used to know. Or worse, it could even turn out that what you think you know gets in the way of what is really going on. With that in mind, how about a quick and to the point review of the Totals Bet.

What is a totals bet anyway? Actually you may be more familiar with another more commonly used term for a totals bet. This term is the over under wager. Both of these terms are pretty much used interchangeably. One sports book may list these wagers as totals wagers while the next one may list it as an over under bet.

And the second term should clue you in to what this wager is all about. In short, you are wagering that the combined Total Score of both teams will be over or under the number you wager. When placing a totals bet, note that it doesn’t even matter which team wins or loses.

Now with that in mind, take a moment and consider the other side of the equation. You, the sports bettor are on one side of the equation. On the other side of the equation is the sportsbook. What you really need to get here is that sportsbook does everything it can to balance the equation. This means that the sportsbook desperately wants an equal number of sports bettors on both sides of the wager. At the end of the day, the sportsbook wants to close the bet with an equal number of bets on the over side matched with the same number of bets on the under side.

Do you see how that works now? Since the sportsbook is the one setting this bet up, they have to come up with a starting number or the amount of the initial wager that must be place. Most often, this starting wager is set based on a complicated quantitative analysis that tries to price in as many possible factors as possible. The final result they come up with is the initial wager that must be placed. Of course after the first wagers are placed, the amounts will swing up and down as more and more wagers are placed.

When all is said and done, remember the totals bet is the same as an over and under wager. You don’t even have to pick the winning team, just figure out how much the total final score will be over or under and you are done.

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