The Ultimate Sports Betting Tool Or Not?

By all means, you can understand that everyone out there that places a sports wager from the rank amateur to the methodical pro is on the hunt for the best tools and strategies. The driving factor behind that search is the quest for the slight edge. As you already know, more often than not, all you really need to come out ahead is but a slight edge.

With that in mind, take a look at a relatively new tool in the sports betting arena that is arriving with quite a bit of promise behind it. This as yet unproven sports betting tool is that of Big Data. Of course you have heard the term Big Data as of late. In fact, in the last year or so it seems that anyone and everyone is jumping on the Big Data band wagon.

But, the question of the day is can and will Big Data deliver? Maybe. Let’s see. Take a look at a rather interesting company with the name of Equotion. According to publicly available material on Equotion, this company is rather boldly claiming to be a “Big Data Sports Betting Disruptor”. Moreover, Equotion emphatically states that its developers have engineered a sophisticated and more importantly, automated system for pinpointing the winner in horse racing.

In a recent press release, Equotion explained the technology this way, saying that it has: “developed the predictive technology to analyze vast amounts of race data to accurately select tips”. Take note of the fact that those that are backing Equotion are of the studied opinion that the Equotion technology could in fact turn the gambling activity that is present day horse racing into a practice much more predictable. So much so, that the Equotion backers believe that horse racing could deliver profits and returns as reliably as the stock market.

To get a sense of exactly how this works in terms of the amount of information the Equotion technology, understand that 500 million separate data sets spanning a massive 7 years worth of collected racing data. Once the analysis is complete, the technology will suggest the choices most likely to win. Get this: Equotion promises no less than 27% accuracy as well as promising that 60% will at least place in their respective races.

Wow! That sounds impressive to be sure. The “BIG” question (pun intended) is whether or not this will turn out to be true? After all, there has been a lot of hype surrounding so-called Big Data as of late. Stay tuned to see how this one plays out in the real world.

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