Go for the Top Dog, right?

Uhhh… No, not so fast. At least not if you want to want to come out head with your sports betting, that this. Listen up, this is a strategy you will find few people talking about, and even fewer people using. Yet, those who end up ahead in sports betting might very well be using this unusual strategy.

This underused strategy involves betting on the acknowledged “underdogs” in a sports betting situation. Now before you immediately dismiss this idea completely, you might want to stop and take a look at the facts.

First of all, just to be clear, what are we talking about when we say underdogs? The underdog, loosely defined is the team or opponent that is assumed to have little to no chance of winning. Yet, you are already aware that there are times that the underdog actually pulls through at the end and surprises everyone with a win.

What if there was to profit on the underdogs, even if you, like everyone else expect them to lose and sometimes to lose badly? Well, there is such a way to profit from the underdogs and it’s all about a little used quirk in point spread betting. If you recall, the point spread is a forecast (guess) of the number of points by which the stronger team will defeat the weaker team.

You may already know that when setting up the point spread, the bookmaker adds in extra points to the underdogs. But here is the thing you want to pay attention to: you can win on the underdog, even if they lose the game. They only have to lose by fewer points than the number of points specified by the bookmaker. In other words, take the underdogs score at the end of the game, add in the point spread.

Now, if that total is higher than the favorite team’s final score, that’s it, you win. There’s more. The incredible thing about point spread betting on underdogs is the incredible potential to win much more than your original bet.

Is this for real, does it really work? Absolutely; just look at the math, the statistics behind the scenes. Historically, underdogs have been a superior choice for sports betting enthusiasts willing to back them and to take the point spread. From the year 2001 through 2008, betting on the underdogs proved victorious in 51.1% of resolved bets.

Of course, some common sense needs to be applied here too. If you have a very good reason to believe the underdogs really will win the game, then you are better off making a normal wager for the win. Otherwise, take a good hard look at point spread betting on the underdogs. You may very well be glad you did.

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