Transitioning Your Poker Play

You must have noticed a relatively new trend in the world of poker. The trend of the hard to overlook phenomena that is taking place in the world of No Limit Holdem. The undeniable fact is that without question the traditional No Limit Holdem poker games are becoming increasingly difficult.

One way that many poker players are dealing with this increasing difficulty of No Limit Holdem games is transitioning to Pot Limit Omaha. At the same time, there are quite a number of rather inexperienced poker players who are drawn to Pot Limit Omaha for the simple and easy to understand reason that the Pot Limit Omaha games are quite a bit easier to win.

If either of those scenarios above ring true for you, following is a bit of Pot Limit Omaha poker play wisdom to keep in mind. Start with a basic understanding that you will need to remember. You see, high pairs in Pot Limit Omaha are not the same as they are in No Limit Holdem. Here is how that shows up: suppose you are holding a pair of Aces in your hand. The point to keep in is that your pair of Aces really only represents a 65/35 favorite over any other 4 card hand.

Although 65/35 is still okay, you have to dig a bit deeper to understand the difference. Take your pair of aces and run the numbers for No Limit Holdem. You will quickly discover that 85/15 is quite a bit better wouldn’t you agree? In case you missed it, take note of the fact that this tells you that there is no question about it, your preflop edge in any one spot is not so big an edge after all. That really means that there are more postflop factors involved in determining whether you are a winning player or not.

Your takeaway from the above is that the better Pot Limit Omaha poker players have learned that the different hands are strong on various boards postflop. To put this another way, understand that to really make a go of Pot Limit Omaha, you must focus on learning the ins and outs of getting way from the big pairs postflop. Yet, like any other poker play skill, learning this sort of thing is not so difficult. Once you start to get the nuances of Pot Limit Omaha, you too can walk away a winner more often. It is all about taking a little bit of time to understand the differences associated with Pot Limit Omaha.

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