42 Million Tweets A Day Can’t Be Wrong!

Oh boy, you just had to see this one coming didn’t you? You know that technology is uprooting long held traditions in the sports betting world. Yet this new finding from Carnegie Mellon University may turn the sports betting world completely upside down. That being said, perhaps you too can use these results to get ahead, possibly way ahead with your very next sports wager.

You may have heard the news this year about how analyzing online sentiment one way or the other is being used to set public relations strategies, plot or even radically alter entertainment products and events and more. Yet, so far no one has extended this sort of analysis to sports betting. Until now that is.

What is this all about? It started as a class project at Carnegie Mellon. Students studied three complete seasons for the National Football League (NFL). The project used sophisticated computer algorithms to sort through an incredible number of Twitter messages sent. Actually, the team focused on the tweets sent at least twelve hours after the start of a team’s previous game and up to one hour before the start of the new game.

Here is what they found. The research team discovered they could forecast with a remarkable 55% accuracy on who would beat the spread. Unfortunately, at this point, the study doesn’t predict the actual winner or even the over/underscore. Yet think about it, if you stumble upon a tool that lets you predict more often than not the winner, you are way ahead of the game. These study results are truly game changing (pun intended).

Consider that the ability to be able to accurately forecast the NFL spreads shifts the odds back to those who open up their wallets and put their money on the line when placing their sports bets. Unless and until those offering the sport bets adjust their strategies and either eliminate this as a possible wager or adjust the prices accordingly, this could turn out to be the next big thing in sports betting strategies. If nothing else, it gives anyone interested in making a sports bet and additional tool in their toolbox.

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