Twist on Teaser Bets?

If you are into sports wagering in any sort of way, you either use or you know about teaser bets. Recall that teaser bets are a combination of two to ten NFL wagers in which you are given the opportunity to adjust the points spreads up or down in your favor in exchange for a lower payout. That being said, are you familiar with a term called “sweetheart teasers strategy”?

Although there is not a clearly determined term as of yet, you may find this same strategy referred to as a “special teaser” or a “monster teaser”. What is this beast anyway and how does it work?

The sweetheart teaser takes the concept of a standard teaser and gives it a boost. This teaser bet is specially designed for those sports betters who want to shift the lines even further out. That means, you can move the lines by either 10 or 13 points. Also, note that with a sweetheart teaser you are only allowed to add in only three or possibly four teams. Finally, make sure you understand that should if any one of the bets were to “push”, the entire teaser is deemed unsuccessful and the remainder of the games don’t even matter.

All that being said, is the sweetheart teaser a strategy you should add to your toolbox? Before you answer that, be aware that in the online sports betting world, sweetheart teasers also go by another name, a not so flattering label. They have been referred to as “sucker bets”. Ouch! Is that true?

Taking this strategy apart and going deep into the math behind it, there are some interesting things to note. First, get it that at -110, you will need to win about 53% of your bets just to break even. Now add in the complexity of the three teams that are part of the sweetheart teaser. The math works out like this. For any one of the three legs in the three team teaser, you must win a startling eighty percent of the time. Does that make sense? Look at it another way. It works out that it will be pretty rare to pick up a mere thirty percent increase in probability by adding in 10 points especially since pushes count as losses.

Bottom line: although sweetheart teasers may look good on paper at first glance, a deeper investigation will show you that you are better off with a different strategy.

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