Uncommon, But Quite Effective Poker Stratey

Yes, it is certainly true that the Internet seems flooded with the latest and greatest Poker tips from the Guru of the moment. That’s all well and good and truth be told, some of that advice is perfectly okay. Others, well you know the deal, make sure that any sort of Poker Tip you think about bringing to your next game needs to make sense for you. In other words, do you really understand when and how to use that tip? More importantly, you also want to understand the thinking behind the poker tip.

With that in mind, take a closer look at what the pros refer to as ‘tight aggressive play’. Although at first glance at that term tight aggressive you may think that you already know what that means. Yet read on just a little bit further and you may well learn a bit of poker strategy that you can bring to bear at your very next game.

Start with a definition so there is no misconceptions about this concept. Begin by splitting the term in half. Tight in this case refers to a poker player who deliberately decides not to play so many hands. By choosing the tight strategy, this player now has the power to be more selective about the hands played. Just as, if not more importantly, this player can also choose from what position those hands are played.

Now take a look at aggressive and what that really means in poker play. Aggressive poker plays is about how the hands are played. This shows up as that player is more likely to raise or even re-raise the ante as long as his cards and the overall situation match. Moreover, the aggressive player is more likely to pile on continuation wagers and what looks to be chasing the pot.

So how do these two work together? Think about it this way, the tight player only ever takes the time to play the premium hands. This makes any decision making simple and easy. Another way to understand is that by avoiding those marginal hands, the tight player is less likely to make mistakes that end up costing. Now combine that with the aggressive play described about.

That being said, make sure to understand that it is not about aggressive play just to be aggressive. No, instead, the smart player, the one who is already playing tight, only bring aggressive play to the table when and if the situation warrants such a strategy. In other words, aggressive play is not a yes or no proposition, it is more of a how much and win proposition.

Bottom line: combine the power of tight play with aggressive strategy and now you can be a formidable foe at the next poker match.

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