Uncommon Sports Betting Wisdom

Now that that the prime sports betting season is here, it is a prime opportunity to take a look at a bit of sport betting advice that is quite frankly too easy to ignore. Sure anybody and everybody wants to be up on the latest sports betting prediction software, the latest sports betting app and that sort of thing. Yet, truth be told, sometimes the best solution really is to go back to the basics.

In this case, the sports wagering basic to be discussed is none other than timing. Timing as in not only knowing when to actually place your sports bet but also to really go ahead and do so. You see, for an astounding number of what can best be called recreational sports betting fans, the most frequent and consequently money losing habit is procrastination.

Procrastination in this case means waiting till the last possible minute before placing your sports bet. Most likely you already know why this is nothing but a loser’s strategy right? Think about it. What is the problem with waiting till 15 minutes before the game starts to place your sports bet? If at this point you nodded your head and muttered that by that time, “there is no more Line Value left”, congratulations. Go straight to the head of the class.

If not or even if you just want a quick review, pay attention to what follows. It is no stretch at all to boldly state that the line and the number you end up betting is just about everything. As you probably know, the line moves based on action at the sportsbook. But here’s the thing the procrastinators are forgetting.

Late moves at the sportsbooks are most often public moves versus smart money moves. Take a look at this example to make sure you get the point. Most often what happens is that when Joe Public places a very public wager, probably on the favorite the line will jump maybe 2, maybe 3 points. But now watch what happens. Seeing this (after all this is public now), the smart money takes the opposite position. Opposite as in betting against the line.

Do you see the difference here? Do you see why procrastinating is at best a losing strategy? Look, if you want to move above and beyond recreational sports betting you have to look at this with the attitude of a pro. You and your wallet will be glad you did.

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