Unpopular But Useful Sports Betting Wisdom

Have you noticed what some may call a disturbing trend over the last couple of years in the world of sports betting? In this case, it certainly seems to be the case that more than any time in the entire history of sports betting just about everyone is looking for the latest technology, the most up to date prediction software, that sort of thing. In some circles, this would be referred to (in a condescending sort of way) that it is nothing more than a fascination with the latest and great BSO (Bright Shiny Object). Whether its a reflection of a society that is always too busy to notice or something else is a question for another time.

All that being said, the reality is there is some aged but still profitable sports betting wisdom you really deserve to know and understand. Then, once you have a good handle on these trusims, then and only then should you venture out and try out some of those BSO’s mentioned above.

The number one bit of sports betting wisdom that you must master is the concept of money management. Think about it; you could be incredibly lucky with one wager then throw it all away on your next sports bet if you don’t learn how to manage the money. With that in mind, note that it would make sense to model the professionals in sports wagering.

For example, the professional sports bettor understands the concept of the bankroll. The bankroll is a certain amount of money that you have set aside for wagering. Now the timeline could vary, that depends on you and your situation of course. But the point is to pick a realistic number and to never ever exceed that number.

For example, suppose you decide that your bankroll is $100 for your weekend sports betting. You pick your wagers carefully, cross your fingers and hope for the best. But here is where the amateurs are separated from the pros.

Win, lose, or draw, no matter what happens, no more money is pulled out to increase the bankroll. Nope, not ever. You see, perhaps it is hardwired into the human brain, but when people feel they are on a streak, they want to bet even more. Or worse, they find themselves on a losing streak and are sure that they are just one more bet from recovering and coming out ahead. No, don’t do it. It almost never works out that way (except in the movies).

Bottom line is this: before you spend your time and your money chasing the next new exciting thing sure to bring you winners with your sports betting, take the time to master the fundamentals first. The most basic fundamental of sports betting is money management. Start here and then move forward.

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