U.S. Senator Wants Sports Betting Legalized

Chances are you are familiar with the name John McCain. Yes, the same John McCain who ran for President a few years back and is now serving as Senator from his home state of Arizona. Recently, McCain threw his hat into the ring so to speak to join in with those making the case that the United States needs to go ahead and legalize sports betting.

Or at least actively debate the issue in a responsible fashion. In so many words, McCain is making the case that the existing federal laws regarding online gambling and sports betting in particular are ancient, outdated and need to be revisited. Actually, he even made the point that in his opinion, it only makes sense to allow any state with existing legal gambling activities to also engage in legalized sports betting.

This would certainly be welcome news to the likes of Governor Chris Christie who has been trying in vain to get sports betting in his state. As you probably know, New Jersey is one of the few states in the nation with brick and mortar casinos as well as legally authorized (and regulated) online casinos.

Anyway, McCain is calling for an active debate in Congress this session. As the true politician that he is, McCain put it in terms that both Congress and the American public could appreciate. “We need a debate in Congress, We need to have a talk with the American people…so we can build consensus.”

One sticking point to legal sports betting activities is a law put onto the books back in 1992. The law, labeled the Professional And Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) set it up so that there are only four states even allowed to offer any form of sports betting at all. Moreover, the PASPA mandates that only the state of Nevada could legally operate full fledged sports books.

Naturally, with the increased interest in gambling and sports betting as of late combined with incredible rise of tribal casino and commercial brick and mortar casinos, there is quite a crowed out there wanting to revisit this law.

Speaking on behalf of the casino industry itself, American Gaming Association (AGA) President Geoff Freeman made the point that this is indeed a conversation that needs to happen. Freeman also took the time to explain that this is in fact that the gambling industry is also engaged in internally.

What does this mean for online gambling and sports betting in the United States? If nothing else, by bring the idea of legal sports betting to the public and to Congress, this could very well be the year that real change happens.

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