Video Poker Exposed

Did you know that video poker in some form or other has been around since the 1970s? Although sophisticated online casino players or professional poker players may look down on them as ancient and outmoded, the fact is that video poker is even now one of the most popular forms of gambling, either online or offline.

Why in the world would such a seemingly unsophisticated game remain so popular? Hint: video poker is one of the very few games where you actually have more of a chance to come out ahead at the end of the day. You see, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that poker, even video poker really does involve the use of skills. Unlike the online slot machine game player who merely clicks the spin button, each and every move you make or don’t make in a video poker match in large part depends on the skills you bring to the game.

There’s more. Although some video poker players may not consider this to be a factor, you actually have higher chance of walking away as a winner with video poker compared to other casino games. The reason for that is remarkably simple to understand: with poker or video poker, the house edge is mathematically smaller than most other casino games. A simple strategy is to first look for the most generous pay table. You have heard the term “loose slots” thrown around the casino floor; with video poker you want to look for a more liberal pay table. Once you find the video poker position with the best pay table, then carefully and systematically apply all of your poker skills.

One other factor you want to throw into the mix is to carefully evaluate any incentive plans. These incentives can range from cash back, free game play or other comps. Once you add these additional incentives into the mix, you will find that you switched the house edge over to your side of the table.

So begin with the recognition that skilled game play is an important factor in video poker. Next, you throw in the fact that the online casino (or land casino for that matter) really does have a smaller edge on you with video poker. Then you add in any incentives that are available to help you decrease the house edge even further. You put the three of these factors together and then the popularity of video poker is understandable.

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