Ghost in the machine? Is Online or Video Poker Gameplay Fair?

Truth, lies or something in between? You have to decide for yourself of course. Yet, at the same time, you may well want to take a good look at some common myths or superstitions that keep popping up in the online and video poker game playing arena.

First, there is the biggie, the one issue that just doesn’t want to go away. That issue is that of the random number generator. It seems that some people just don’t trust or perhaps don’t understand how the whole random number generator thing works. Despite assurances to the contrary, these folks hang on to the belief that somehow the game is “rigged” and that all of this talk about a random number generator is just a smokescreen.

As they say, the truth will set you free. So, let’s start by looking at some facts. Start with a good working definition. A random number generator, whether it is an old style mechanical device or as is the case nowadays, a set of mathematical formulas inside a computer, is designed to generate a random number. The purpose of the random number is to replicate true random events such as tossing a pair of dice, flipping a coin or shuffling a deck of cards. This random number, however it is generated is then used to determine the next card showing in an online or video poker game.

What you need to know is this: the technology behind the random number generator is very closely monitored and in many places regulated too. There really is no “pattern” to the numbers the random number generates, thus its name and usefulness for the video poker games as well as other online casino games. Actually you may very well want to consider the random number generator as your friend. Because of the random number generator, you can play your online or video poker games knowing that the game play is fair and not “rigged” at all.

Bottom line is this: For online video poker games or even free standing video poker machines, if you are at a reputable site, you can rest assured knowing that the random number generator is diligently working behind the scenes to keep the game play fair for all.

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