Winning Poker Play With Ranges

The incredible rise in the popularity of poker play, both online and offline, has given rise to all sorts of studies and theories about the right poker strategies. On the other side of the table, veteran poker players are known to snub their noses at any hint of science or mathematical predictions about playing a winning hand of poker.

But no so fast there. Before you agree or disagree, take a moment to look at what’s going on. Also, keep in mind this unsolicited tip. If a veteran poker player offers you a winning tip, whose interest do you suppose he really has in mind?

Anyway, take a look at what’s new in the world of poker. First, consider that the popularity of poker is upping the ante for all players. From the rank amateur hanging out at his favorite online casino to the veteran winning player, the fact is that poker play has changed over the last few years. Because it seems everyone is studying poker and looking for the winning strategy, the reality is that the gameplay has gotten harder. Consider that your opponents sitting across from you may have the latest research under their belts and are ready to whip it out and use it whenever an opportunity presents itself.

Take a look at some basics first. Unless you are playing a game of video poker by yourself, poker in many cases is all about reading your opponent. What did he just do and why did he do that? Is he trying to deceive you into revealing your own winning hand so he can get out cheap?

Now here is where it gets interesting. The real key is to understand their style of play and understanding what their bets mean. Now take up a notch. To really get some insight on those opponents, you need to get a handle on what is called their “range”.

Range refers to having a sense of the possible hands your opponents could have after looking at all of the actions he has taken so far. Of course, there is no way for to know precisely what the range is; nor will they know yours. Think of it this way: his calling range depends on large part what he thinks your range could be.

How to use this in practice? You are most like better off not making a particular play only when you have a super strong hand because then your opponent has you figured out and will simply fold under all his hands except the very best. A better strategy is to sometimes make a strong play with a weak hand, otherwise known as “bluffing”. Another way to look at this is to consider this as balancing your ranges. This gives you a logical basis for your poker play.

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