Truth be told, that question, the question of whether or not there is a best sports betting strategy is something of a trick question. Why so? Take a step back and think about it just a little bit and the answer will pop into your head. Consider, if there was, in fact, one best sports betting strategy or technique, then surely all of the savvy sports wagering folks would be doing the same thing. As you already know full well, that is just not the case. Not even close.

Sports Betting StrategyAs a matter of fact, if all you do is a quick Google search online, you may well notice that quite a number of the so-called sports betting gurus out there offer sports wisdom that contradicts each other. What’s up with that? Obviously, that does not demonstrate any sort of best strategy, does it?

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Is There A Best Sports Betting Strategy?

On the other hand, if you take some time to do some deeper research, to ask questions of veteran sports betting fans, you can’t help but notice a pattern. The successful veteran sports waverers all seem to follow but a few basic strategies.

Get this: the number one such strategy reported is to pick a sports betting system and then stick to it. That is to say, do not let yourself be drawn in (shall we call it what it is? As in don’t let yourself be “sold”} on the latest and greatest technology or whiz-bang gizmo. In other words, decide on a sports betting strategy and stick with it. And stick with it. And keep sticking with it. Those who tend to abandon sports betting are the type who leave their sports betting strategy at the first sign of a loss.

Yet another commonality from veteran sports bettors that you may well want to bring to your sports betting strategy that is that of taking the time and putting in the effort to specialize in but one sport. The fact of the matter is that those most successful at sports betting at anything beyond a hobby or casual sports bet tend to specialize in but one sport. In other words, they do not allow themselves to be spread thin by desperately attempting to win at several sports at the same time. Bottom line: the answer to the question posed above is that no, there is no single best sports betting strategy. Yet at the same time, just following the two tips above will put you well ahead of the average sports betting fan.

The Basics to Sports Betting Strategy

  1. Bankroll Management

When you bet on sports you should set aside a certain amount of cash, which we often refer to as “bankroll”, which you can afford to lose. Like with any kind of gambling, you don’t want to bet on sports with the money that you cannot afford to lose. So, set aside a firm amount of cash that you can use for your bankroll. It can be for the week, month, or even the season.

  1. Wager sober

Most players turn to bet on sports while under the influence which we don’t recommend. We advise bettors to place their wagers while sober in order to be able to make the right decisions. Don’t let your emotions take over you and make you do things that are not good such as losing money that you cannot afford to lose.

  1. Make sure you do your homework

It is always best that you make sure that you do your homework, which is the most imperative thing to do. Do your research before you place bets in order to be able to make a proper profit.

  1. Do your Line Shopping

The step to becoming the best sports bettor is to make sure that you shop for the right lines. For this to happen, you will need to have numerous accounts for sportsbooks online in order to be able to do your proper research on the lines to be purchased.

Best Sports Betting Strategy

A Different Sort of Betting Strategy

As you already know, coming out ahead (meaning with more money in your wallet at the end of the day) with sports betting oftentimes comes down to understanding and using the right strategy. That being said, do keep in mind that there is no one size fits all sort of strategy.

Thus, perhaps an analogy that could help you get the concept is to think of the various sports betting strategies as different tools in your toolbox. It goes without saying that when you take your car to the shop for a repair, the mechanic has a wide assortment of tools for the different types of jobs he might have to perform. Your sports betting tools are there for you to use when they are needed.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a sports betting tool that you may not have considered using before. This one is referred most often as a Pleaser Betting Strategy. For the record, the Pleaser Betting Strategy can be looked like the polar opposite of the Teaser Betting strategy.

Take an example to see how this looks on paper. Suppose that there is a two-team six-point teaser bet that has baselines of Team A +1.5 and Team B -8.5. The teaser bet ends up as a sort of combo bet with A +7.5 and B -2.5 at -110. (Note that means you are risking $1.10 to possibly win $1.00).

Now turn this upside so you can see how this would show up as a Pleaser wager. So, now you wager this play as a two-team six-point pleaser. That looks like this: Team A -4.5, Team B -14.5 at +600. In other words, now you are actually risking $1.00 to possibly win $6.00 or real-world odds of 6 to 1. Still with us here?

Betting Strategy Overview

There is no single best sports betting strategy. Yet at the same time, just following the two tips above will put you well ahead of the average sports betting fan.

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