NCAA Basketball Bracket PredictionsBracketology is the act of predicting the college basketball teams that will feature in the NCAA tournament. The competition has the best college basketball sides competing to be crowned champions of March Madness. Our expert gamblers offer insight into making bracket predictions for free on the teams most likely to fill the sport for the tournament brackets in the postseason.

The balancing act of picking top-seeded teams and the underdogs in a basketball matchup is a process to be admired. If you are up to the task, check out each team’s odds to make the NCAA tournament 2020. We have identified top computer picks for college basketball games for US gamblers to try out. We recommend visiting any of the top sports betting sites that we’ve shortlisted to place your bet today.

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What you will find in this Betting Guide

What is Bracketology?

Bracketology refers to the act of formulating bracket rankings of players in the NCAA basketball tournament and predicting their placement in the field for first and second-round contests. The teams are made up of college sides across four regions that cover the US: the East, West, North, and South.

Bracket pick analysis involves a whole lot of mathematical data decoding, a task that may be beyond the skills of the average bettor. If you do not possess the bracket brains to predict the final 16 teams accurately, let alone the final four, we suggest using bracket computer predictions.

Computerized Bracket Picks

If you are struggling to get the science of it all right, nothing has more bracket insight like computer predictions. The data pool collected by computer algorithms explores every metric that can be judged to rate and seed teams and players accurately. Needless to say, NCAA basketball computer picks have a high conversion rate than projected matchups based on personal opinion.

The bracket pool prize differs from site to site. Daily fantasy sports sites, such as DraftKings and FanDuel, accept bracket predictions from US bettors looking to make money. All of these considerations provide bettors with additional motivation to get their predictions correct.

NCAA Tournament Bracket Tips

It cannot be stressed enough how difficult it is to predict the NCAA basketball bracket. We have identified a few basic tips that have helped our bettors get a step closer to winning the jackpot prize:

  • Remove personal bias – it weakens the credibility of your bracket if you pick teams based on your opinion and nothing else. Teams such as North Carolina and Kentucky have a history of reaching the final stages of the tournament. However, it is important to critically assess their past performances as well.
  • Back weakened Favorites – there are always teams that face injury problems at this stage of the league season. Oddsmakers disregard them based on the loss of players that have played well during the regular season. It is worth your while to pick the teams that are less fancied to win.
  • Buy Multiple Bracket Predictions – as the degree of difficulty has already been stated, it is important to make several bets, especially on picks that you aren’t sure of. Do not alter your predictions drastically; a few tweaks may be all that is needed.
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