Cycling Betting Sites USACycling betting in America has always been a firm favorite. Nowadays, you can analyze competitors, view the latest results and peruse all the supplementary information on participating cyclists and teams. Online betting guidebooks provide US players with recent results, statistics, injury accounts on all cyclists and teams and weather forecasts on the region. Weather can be a very influential factor in the overall success or failure of both a cyclist and a team’s stage win. Additionally, America’s most noteworthy races include the Tour of California and the Tour of Utah and both take place annually.

The Tour of California takes place in the month of August and is a three-day race whilst the Tour of Utah takes place in the month of May and is also a three-way race. However, if you are keen on betting bigger, there is the world’s most popular cycling event; the Tour de France. The Tour de France is the leading cycling event of the cycling calendar year and it remains the most popular.

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What you will find on this guide:

Types of Cycling Bets

The most common and popular cycling bet amongst American punters is the head-to-head bet. In this bet you only have to say which of the two cyclists you have chosen, you believe will be positioned higher than the other. This will be following a particular stage or race of your choosing. Moreover, it must be noted that a specific bet can be complicated and risky.  This would namely be the Polka Dot Jersey bet. This bet involves wagering which cyclist you believe will most likely be awarded the polka dot jersey.  The polka dot jersey is presented to the rider who cycles the best in the mountainous terrains of a tour. There are also bets that are made in real time on rider performance, competitive lines and a race win.

Rest assured professional cycling betting online is completely legal. There is no prohibition against betting online, which includes betting on sports. Additionally, there are no federal laws that explicitly making it illegal to bet online.

Cycling Betting Tips

Cycling bet tips and odds involve doing as much research as you can. This can be studying the current and daily weather of the region, diverse altitudes and terrains being cycled. Also, review what cyclists can expect during stages and who is the stage winner. This can influence rider performance, so discovering projected weather forecasts close to when you place your wager can enable you to profit from your wager. Review which rider has the most cyclist wins of big stages. Additionally, appraise the performance and review all supplementary information on the history of the riders. You must bear in mind that cycling is a team sport, ergo you should evaluate the entire team’s strategy and competency.

Cycling Bets Online

Major Cycling Events to Bet on in 2019

There are a number of major races worldwide but there are three main European pro cycling races that occur annually. These are the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a Espana. The aforementioned are collectively named the Grand Tours shares a similar format with daily stages and weekly races. However, these namely take place across Europe. However, in America, there are still major cycling events to bet on! There is the Tour of Utah that takes place from 12 August till the 13 August. This is an annual tour through the states of Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah.

Most Popular Cycling Races in the US

  • Tour of California
  • Tour of Utah
  • Giro dÍtalia
  • Vuelta a Espana
  • Tour de France
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