Best MMA Betting Sites for 2019The interest in MMA betting has surged and continues to grow. Mixed Martial or as it is commonly known as MMA is a comprehensive physical battle sport that permits fighters to hit and wrestle their opponent. The fights can occur with the players either in a standing position or can involve ground fighting. The players can use techniques from various physical sports including martial arts. Over the years, MMA has increased its popularity worldwide. Many pundits believe that MMA surpasses boxing and professional wrestling. However, the sport is and remains violent.

Additionally, MMA is the fastest-growing sports on the planet. Men and women put their bodies and health on the line solely to demonstrate that they are the more technically superior and stronger fighter. It is important to note that MMA and the UFC are dissimilar but often confused. MMA is the sport that is being played and UFC is one of the main organizations that coordinate fights. Online MMA betting is gaining momentum and US players can take part in the action.

Top MMA Betting Sites for 2019


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How Do MMA Fights Work?

How to bet on UFC fights involve having a strategy. Most MMA fights are three rounds with a duration of 5 minutes per round. Title fights are the exception as they are booked for five rounds. Usually, main events and championship fights follow the same format. Players are paired up in a one-on-one layout for a pre-arranged set of rounds each with their own time limit. A player can win the match by a knockout, technical knockout or a submission. If the fight is not barred, it proceeds to what the pundits call “the distance.”

The ringside judges then simply tally the fight. The victor of every round gets a value of 10 points for each round and the underdog of every round gets a value of 9 points. The points are then totaled and the victor is capped. However, in MMA, players are permitted to use any techniques so long as they fit within the overall parameters and guidelines. A fighter can be disqualified if he or she is cited by the referee for repeated use of poor conduct.

Type of MMA Bets and Tips

There are several types of MMA bets you can make. MMA sports betting and MMA betting guide help lead the US punter when deciding which bet is best for them.

  • Parlay Bet – this bet is a pairing bet and incorporates joining two bets together. This sees more than one possible outcome and combines it into several stakes.
  • Victory Betting – in this type of wager emphasizes choosing how the match will ultimately end.
  • Live MMA Bet – this particular bet involves bets that are made in real time on any championship.
  • Moneyline Bet – UFC sports betting includes the moneyline bet. This type of bet links to the final score of the match. The punter selects which of the two fighters they believe will win the fight. This is the easiest type of bet.
  • Over or Under Bet – this wager sees a stake made on how many rounds the punter thinks the fight will last in relation to what the sportsbook’s prediction of a total round number will be. You need to either bet lower or higher than the aforementioned figure.
  • Round Betting – this type of bet requires you to choose around where you predict the match will finish. This type of bet remains preferred to the others mentioned.
  • MMA Betting Odds

    MMA Betting Odds

    Additionally, MMA betting odds are very uncomplicated. A money line is ascribed to each fighter in a match. This specifies each fighter’s probability of either winning or losing a fight. This also indicates an average figure you should bet. Additionally, a minus sign next to a player’s name shows the favourite to win the match and the plus sign signifies the underdog of the match. Typically, there are strategies you can use to help ensure yield from your wager.
    Simples strategies to use are:

  • Pay careful attention to weigh-ins
  • Know which environment the fight is taking place in (a Ring or a Cage)
  • Find out the size of the cage
  • Evade from betting heavy favorites
  • Obtain information on the fighters such as age, statistics, medical and injury history
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