Nevada is one of the first American states to regulate and legalize gambling. By permitting gambling in Nevada, lawmakers were trying to lure people into the state. Nevada first legalized gambling in 1931, with sports betting early being legal in Nevada since 1949. Currently, there is only one form of gambling that is not permitted in Nevada.  Several casinos in Nevada have fought to include the lottery. Gamblers who wish to play the lottery in Nevada need to go to Idaho, Oregon, Arizona or Oregon.

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Types of Nevada Online Sports Betting

There are currently three types of legal online gambling available in Nevada. The state of Nevada permits off-track betting on mobile apps. Only apps and websites that are operated by sports betting companies that are licensed are allowed to offer these services. During sporting events, apps, as well as websites, are permitted to accept bets. The same law applies to live sportsbook betting. Another form of gambling allowed by the state of Nevada is online poker. For online casino games, bets are only considered legal when made on the property of a casino.

The state of Nevada permits daily fantasy sports, but they require a gaming license. In October 2015, all daily fantasy sports companies left Nevada after the Nevada Gaming Control Board released the new licensing law.

Nevada Sports Betting Laws

Although most forms of gambling are permitted in Nevada, the state is very strict when dealing with illegal gambling activity. The state keeps a close eye on illegal gambling activities to protect the licensed industry. When a gambler is convicted of any crimes related to illegal gambling, the states exclude this person from all casinos. The state book is a platform where the state of Nevada lists all the convicted players.  The only form of gambling that is not allowed in Nevada is the lottery. To change this, two separate statewide referendums, as well as the state legislature, is required. This is partly why the lottery is still not legal in Nevada.

Forms of Gambling Are Currently Legal in Nevada?

  • Sports Betting: Betting on sports has been legal since 1949 in Nevada. Today, Nevada sportsbooks very attractive to gamblers due to its low tax rates.
  • Bingo Games: Although this form of gambling is the least popular, Nevada charity gambling laws permit raffles and bingo.
  • Online Poker: This type of gambling is permitted for players located within the state borders. Currently, in Nevada, there are two online poker live sites namely WSOP Poker as well as Ultimate Poker. Nevada and Delaware signed a bill in 2014 that allowed the sharing of players between licensed poker sites.
  • Live Poker: Card-rooms in addition to casinos are permitted in Nevada. Gamblers are permitted to play poker at home. There is no organizer taking a cut or making a profit from running the games.
  • Online Casino Gambling: In 2013, the state of Nevada introduced the internet poker legislation which does not permit any provision for casino games.
  • Casino Games: Licensing by the Nevada gaming board, as well as compliance, is required for this type of gambling.

Nevada Online Gambling Laws

There are various types of legal online gambling permitted in Nevada. In terms of sports betting, this type of gambling may be placed on mobile apps or the internet. For online sports betting to be permitted, the device needs to be located in Nevada at the time of the wager. Online poker rooms are also legal in Nevada. To get ultimate enjoyment, gamblers can play poker at home. Much like sports betting, players must be located in Nevada at the time of gambling.

In February 2014, Governor Sandoval and Delaware Governor Jack Markell signed a bill that permits bettors to enter into online poker sharing agreements. The law went live in March 2015.

Types of Live Nevada Gambling

The only form of gambling not permitted in Nevada is state lottery. Casinos in Nevada are allowed to offer a full menu of games. Full-service casinos are also allowed to provide sportsbooks offers. This will enable gamblers to wager on sports events. The kind of wagers that are permitted includes in-play, futures, straight bets, parlays as well as teasers. Off-track betting on horses is also a legal form of gambling in Nevada. Charities are also allowed to hold raffles and bingo although there is not much demand for these forms of gambling in the state.

Nevada Sports Betting

Nevada Mobile Sports Betting

In 1949, the state of Nevada legalized sports betting together with live and off-track horse betting. Nevada was the first state to regulate sports betting. The first-ever sports betting app was introduced in 2010 in the state of Nevada. This offers convivence for bettors especially during major sporting events like March Madness and the Super Bowl. Ever since the first app, more sportsbook operators have pushed mobile sports betting. Nevada sports betting generates 50 to 75 percent of the sports wagering handle. Gamblers in Nevada can use mobile apps on their Android devices, iPhones, and iPads.

Types of Sports Available for Wagering in Nevada

Bettors in Nevada can wager on several sports events each year. When sportsbook operators see a demand in a particular sport, they act as quickly as the Nevada Gaming Control Board allows. Sportsbook operators in Nevada have a wide variety of sports betting options available for bettors in the state. Below are the types of sports available in Nevada:

  • NFL
  • College football
  • Horse and virtual horse racing
  • Canadian football
  • Australian Rules football
  • mixed martial arts
  • Rugby
  • NBA
  • College basketball
  • Baseball – MLB, some college, and international competitions
  • Hockey – NHL, some international competitions
  • Soccer – MLS, International matches, and competitions, some USL
  • Auto racing – NASCAR, Indy, Formula One
  • Cycling
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Esports

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