Parlay bets are a fascinating gambling strategy in sports betting in America. Bettors are always tempted to push their luck further and bet on more than one result. US bettors pick parlay betting for the promise of a potentially big payout. This is because the entire parlay card is calculated and the aggregate odds make betting that much more impressive. Choosing to bet parlays in football or basketball comes with a lot of risks. This is why we’ve created this betting guide for US bettors to make informed bets.

Sports Parlay Betting

Go through our sports betting parlay guide to find out how it works, what is parlay betting and how it can benefit you on your next bet. We’ve shortlisted our picks of the best parlay bets this week from our expert gamblers that provide tips and the best parlay strategy for all US major league games. Sign up to the top US betting sites and start winning today.

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What Is Parlay Betting?

For players that are not familiar, parlay wagers represent two or more teams that are combined into a single betslip or parlay card. You wager on multiple betting lines in order to increase the aggregate odds and by default the payout. Top sportsbooks online provide US players with a parlay calculator that will help them in adding up the odds and giving a rough estimate of the potential payout. The number of lines that a player can bet on is limitless. However, the cap will be determined by the maximum payout amount that each bookmaker sets on a single betslip. Here’s a list of the most popular types of parlay betting.

Types of Parlays Online

What makes online parlay betting much more difficult than other bets is that you need to predict all of the lines on the ticket correctly to win. You can have as little as a 4-team parlay combination and wager a substantial amount to win big. Here are some of the parlay wagers that you may find interesting and choose on your next visit to a US sports betting website.

  • Point Spread Bets – in this parlay bet, players have to predict the margin of the score that the favorite in the tie will win by. They can combine as many favorite picks into one ticket and bet to win big.
  • Over/Under Betting – players choose this bet when the games are too close to call. Over and under bets represent betting on the total score of the match instead of the team that will win.
  • Money Line Parlay Betting – this wager allows bettors to select 15 teams parlay odds to win, draw or lose the game. It is one of the more lucrative parlays, which can feature a quarter of the match bet, half-time or the full match result.
  • Parlay future bets – when bettors can predict the winner of the tournament before it even begins, they choose future bets. With the spread of tournaments and competitions available in America, fans already have an idea which teams are always pegged to win the games before it starts.
  • Teasers – this bet comes with strings and attachments, in which no money lines are allowed. The sportsbook will feature teaser bets in which players have to move the total or point spread in order to adjust the odds to a favorable sum.

Tips on Parlay Betting

Now that you have a general idea of what is a parlay in sports, you need to ensure that you practice some level of caution with your bets in order to win. While many tipsters will obfuscate each bet, our sports parlay betting system is intended to make things simpler. We do not guarantee that they will work all the time. However, they give you the best shot at winning when you bet online:

  • Do not include too many teams when you are going to stake a substantial amount. Parlays intrinsically offer large payout at risk of losing. Therefore, bettors should stake the minimum bet and reap the rewards.
  • Use free bets to predict upsets and try all the variations of parlay betting to understand it better. Understanding parlay will help bettors not lose real money selecting multiple bets without reason.
  • The betting odds on the parlay betting websites will dictate if a team is pegged as a favorite or as the underdog. Always check the parlay odds to choose the winner of the tie accurately.

Now that you know how to bet parlay in Vegas, you do not have to travel to Nevada. Simply sign up to our recommended US sportsbook and place your parlay bet today!

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