Puck Line Hockey StrategyA puck line bet is a point range bet in the game of hockey in which the sportsbooks attempt to level the playing field between the favorites and the underdog in a game. It is similar to a point spread bet in other sporting codes. The objective is to hand the point advantage to the underdog in which the favorite team would need to overcome to win. The puck line bet is denoted with a positive and negative symbol next to a decimal number that represents the spread.

Bettors typically choose NHL puck line betting options because they present better odds than a moneyline bet. If this is your first encounter with puck lines, this guide will explain why NHL bettors make money using this strategy. You need to understand how to read puck line odds because they can be a risky bet for beginners to make. We’ve shortlisted top betting websites that accept puck line wagers in America.

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What is the Puck Line in Hockey Betting?

Puck Line StrategyPuck line betting is more like point spread betting, where oddsmakers make a bet interesting by identifying the favorite team to win and the underdog. The favorite will be indicated by a (-) symbol while the (+) indicates the underdog in the match. The odds in a puck line bet will be displayed as (-1.5) for the favorite to win. This indicates that the team pegged to get the victory will win by 2 goals. Conversely, the underdog will be shown with (+1.5) odds to lose the match by one goal or possibly win outright.

Understanding Hockey Puckline Odds

Several factors influence the point spread in hockey games between two teams. Oddsmakers take into consideration the following factors when deciding the favorite and underdog in a matchup. It is important to remember that no single factor is taken exclusively without taking into account other variables:

  • Head-to-head record – the stats between the two teams will determine which team is pegged as the overwhelming favorite to win. These numbers are considered over a long period and can influence how teams play when they face an opponent they haven’t beaten in years.
  • Home-ice advantage – the NHL hockey team that is playing the home game will be considered as favorites because they will have the support of the home fans. They will also find favorable conditions because they won’t have to travel, and they are used to playing in the arena.
  • NHL Standings – the position that the team finds themselves in the league might make them the underdog in the matchup. All of the teams that participate in the National Hockey League play interconference and inter-division games to get points. The league standings are a perfect barometer of how the team is performing, and if they are higher in the standings, they will be favorites to win.
  • Travel Schedule – teams have to travel will be pegged as less likely to win by virtue of the road taking its toll on the body. With hockey being a physical sport, the team that has done less traveling will be fresh for the game and may likely come up trumps.
  • Team Roaster – the form that players display throughout a league season is important to determine if a team will win or not. Having a player in form improves your odds of winning. Likewise, if a player is injured or suspended, you may lose the game.

Puck Line Strategy to Win

Pro bettors have found a couple of tips and tricks that have helped them when betting on puck lines. Players must remember that because puck lines have a higher payout potential, they are a much riskier bet to make. Thus, you cannot make it without researching the game. Some teams have been historically found wanting, thus even on a good run, they will still disappoint you. It becomes important to follow the sport and watch as many games as you can to make a more informed bet.

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