Best Sports Betting SoftwareIf you are an avid or even a casual sports betting fan, there is a bit of news making its way around the world about online sportsbooks. In fact, the implications of this sports betting news is so profound that you will want to take the time to clearly understand exactly what this is all about. Discover the ins-and-outs of some o the top sports betting software companies that bring you the best odds on sports games in America. We’ve included a list of betting sites that operate on the best platforms for sports gambling in the US.

Top Sports Betting Software


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History of Sports Gambling

It turns out there have been a number of complaints in recent months concerning what looks to be an attempt by online sports betting gambling sites to in essence put an end to sports bettors who end up winning more than an as yet undetermined amount. Note that this is such an egregious concept that a number of sports betting fans over in the U.K. have complained to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

You may be interested to learn that the Information Commissioner’s Office is taking this issue quite seriously and is in the midst of an investigation to determine whether or not the online sports betting portals are in fact violating the law. To date, pay attention to the fact that the Information Commissioner’s Office has in fact found in favor of two sports bettors.

Sports Betting Platforms in the US

Note that that two sports bettors filed a case complaining that the sports betting portal had installed software on their computers without permission. Interestingly, or perhaps disturbingly is a better word choice, in this case, the complaints to the Information Commissioner’s Office state that the sports betting gambling sites are installing software on their computers without permission.

Even more disturbing is the allegation that these same sports betting portals use this software to in effect keep track of wagering history. Worse still, at least from the perspective of fairness and such, it seems to be the case that the online gambling sites use this same software to determine which sports bettors are winning too much and then close those accounts. You can readily understand what an uproar this is causing in the sports betting world.

Types of Sports Betting Software

For the record, there are two versions of this software to date that have been identified. They are “iesnare” and “iovation”. Note that when you use the sports betting portals that deploy this software, the download to your computer happens automatically. As in instant download, no permissions or questions asked.

Obviously, this sort of thing is determined to be true by the Information Commissioner’s Office could be devastating for the sports betting industry. After all, what sort of sports betting fan is going want to wonder if the account is subject to be closed?

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