Sports betting apps have become increasingly popular in the sports gambling world over the years. App developers have dedicated their time to come up with apps that enhance sports betting for mobile users. Smartphones have everything bettors need at their convenience. With mobile apps, you do not need to stress about desktop computers and laptops. All you need is a stable internet connection and your smartphone.  When looking to open an account on a sports betting app, bettors need to know what kind of sports the sportsbook offers. They need to know if the sport they wish to bet on is actually available. Good sports betting app will always be easy to navigate. The best sports betting apps usually have a wide range of mobile payment options, in-play betting as well as a wide selection of sports.

Sports Betting Apps

A betting app that allows users to make bets during live play is one bettor should consider. Functionality and usability are also up there with things to consider when choosing the best betting app. The app needs to be easy to navigate but the software has to be sophisticated. It needs to offer seamless and smooth navigation. Bettors should lookout for apps that offer real money promotions as well as good bonus deals.

We have all the information you need about sports betting apps and how to tell the real ones from the wannabes. We offer you a guide to help you make an informed decision.

Top 10 Online Betting Apps for US Players


$1000 Bonus

350+ Sports Events

98.78% Payout


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$1000 Bonus


$200 Bonus

350+ Sports Events

98.22% Payout


+7 More

$200 Bonus


$1000 Bonus

170+ Games

96.4% Payout

+12 More

$1000 Bonus


$300 Bonus

150+ Sports Games

98.41% Payout

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$200 Bonus


$1000 Bonus

150+ Games

98.41% Payout

+6 More

Mobile Betting Apps Pros & Cons

Like with everything else in life, there are advantages and disadvantages to sports betting. The same can obviously be said for sports betting apps. The pros related to using sports betting apps are vast, so are the cons. Below we list the various pros and cons related to sports betting apps.


  • The odds are the same as the ones you get on a desktop
  • The apps are flexible
  • Bets can be placed anywhere
  • Bettors can place bets at anytime
  • They are highly flexible


  • Some apps are not easy to navigate
  • It is harder to resolve queries

What You’ll Find On Our Sports Betting Apps Page

Differences Between Native and Mobile Web Apps

As you may know, there is a huge difference between mobile sports betting apps and mobile web sports betting apps. First things first, let’s define what mobile web apps are and what native apps are. Mobile-Web App usually runs on a mobile browser and is an optimized version of a bookie. Mobile users are not required to download the application and they need to open the browser if they need to use the app. With native apps, on the other hand, bettors need to download. Native apps run smoother and are faster. They get constant upgrades with features that are only available on there. When using native apps, bettors have full control over their account and it is easier to place and access bets. They offer live streams and easy cashouts. Essentially, bettors can customize the betting app and have the app on their home screen.

Best Betting Apps for Android

Due to a number of restrictions such as Google policies and country restrictions, it is harder to find the best sports betting apps on the Google Play Store.  In America, Google does not restrict apps providing gambling options to players. They do however have a stringent policy that requires the apps to have permission and necessary licensing in the location where it will be used. There are a number of states that offer licensed and legal online gambling. These include Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware.

Bettors living outside these states should not despair. They can download the betting apps from the respective betting site manually.

How to Download Android Betting Apps?

  • Best Sports Betting Apps USA1: Open the betting website in a Mobile Web Browser
  • 2: Scroll to the Bottom of the Page
  • 3: Look for buttons that say “Mobile” or “Mobile Apps”
  • 4: Access the Mobile Section
  • 5: Find the Download App for Android button
  • 6: Adjust the Security Setting on Your Phone
  • 7: Find the APK file in Your Downloads Folder
  • 8: Initialise the Installation
  • 9: Once the installation is done, you should see the app on your Home screen

Bet365 Android App

With a high level of reliability, Bet365 has one of the most respected and largest rating bookmarkers. They have a captivating marketing model with a highly competitive interface for the live mode.  Bet365 gives the line of matches of tennis tournaments ITF, it is the only sports betting app in the world that does so. It offers bettors an efficient way to withdraw funds

Sports Betting App for Android by Unibet

Unibet has the most popular sports available in the sports betting world. From tennis, horse racing to football. The app interface is minimal which makes it easy to use. The software is all-inclusive covering over 30,000 sporting events annually. The Unibet office operates 24/7. It is easy to navigate and offers safe and secure withdrawals and deposits.

Live Streaming Betting App and In-Play Betting Apps

Both the above-mentioned apps offer in-play betting and live streaming. Live streaming is not a popular feature in most sports betting apps, so finding an app that offers this option is pretty rare. So, you may ask, how do I get to access the mobile live streaming on the app. That’s easy, all you need to do is get the app, register, then login, it’s important to note that in order to live stream, you need to have a positive cash balance.

Top iPhone Betting Apps – Powered by Apple App Store

American sports bettors who use Apple devices must be wondering if there are any sports betting apps available for them. The answer is simple, yes there are sports betting apps for Apple users. Apple, much like Google, does not prohibit apps from offering gambling. They have stringent terms and conditions which include that the app providing gambling should have the necessary permissions and license in the locations where the App is used.

Sports Betting Apps for Horse Racing

When talking about the best horse racing apps we cannot leave out ClassicBet. This is an impressively designed app with a user-friendly interface. The market for ClassicBet are horse racing and greyhound racing. ClassicBet offers very online wagers that are low minimum. This enables new bettors to be able to easily access the app. ClassicBet cannot be accessed via web browser, it is available for downloads only.

Best Cricket Betting Apps

Betting on cricket is one of the most popular sports especially when it comes to live betting and in-play gambling. The most reliable apps to bet cricket on are Bet365 and Unibet. These apps have all the features that all cricket bettors look for. Whether they want to enter a code or just call the bookie.

Online Football Betting Apps

The best football betting apps have features such as security measures, promotions, bonuses, different types of payment methods, in-app cash-outs as well as live betting. Football betting apps are available on Android, Apple as well as other platforms such as Windows and Blackberry. Betting on football online is very popular in the US and having an app to do so can make betting easier.

In-Play Betting Apps in America

In-play mobile betting plays a huge role in the sports mobile betting industry. The idea of watching a game live and being able to bet on your device while the game plays is ideal.  In-play betting has a vital role in betting apps. In America, in-app betting is still fairly news but gradually gaining popularity. In Nevada sportsbooks alone, in-play only accounts for 20% of wagering. This is because in-play wagering is not available in most sportsbook operators.

Sports Gambling Apps and PayPal Betting Sites

For sports bettors, online betting is a convenience. It is an efficient and seamless way of placing bets as well as real money deposits and withdrawals. When it comes to payment methods, PayPal is the provider of choice. PayPal has the ability to make betting endeavors more comfortable. Mobile betting apps have a feature where bettors can withdraw and deposit money.

New Betting Apps in America

New sports betting apps are always popping up and developers ensure they up their game all the time. The new apps come with improvements, and modern interface and unique features. Looking for the best new sports betting apps? Well, you have come to the right place. We have all the best and most recent betting apps available in America.

Mobile Betting – the Way to Bet and Stay Ahead!

Sports betting apps are the most popular platform for online betting. It is one of the highest-ranked amongst sports bettors. Sports betting apps have changed the way punters bet and most importantly when they bet.

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