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College Basketball Transfer Portal

The Coronavirus might have put a damper on sports fans’ spirit, but the NCAA transfer portal will surely jolt some much-need excitement into your day. A total of 556 college basketball players have entered the fray of the transfer portal and we wait with bated breath to see where the collegiate athletics end up.

While some players have displayed snippets of their greatness, some players are yet to come into their own. This database removes the veil and players that seek a new environment make their intentions known. This computer tool is great for compliance administrators purely from the view that players have the power to make their intentions known.

What is the College Transfer Portal?

The transfer portal is a website where a database pool of college athletes is entered to signal the intention to change schools. NCAA uses the Transfer Portal as a form of a declaration by college athletes of their intentions to trade. Neither the coach nor the school has the authority to deny a player their wishes once they have entered their name into the portal. After the season has closed, players move for all types of reasons. The Transfer Portal is a fairly new phenomenon, coming into effect in 2019. It is not only exclusive to men’s and women’s college basketball but features all collegiate sports.

College Basketball Transfer portal

College Basketball Grad Transfers 2020-2021

The 2020 NCAA basketball transfer portal entries have already seen a few surprises during this period. This year was an unusual phase in most college basketball player’s careers. As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, the NCAA was forced to cancel this year’s tournament. Despite the shortened season, it was enough for some schools to get a glimpse of their key prospects.

Even though we’ll have to wait until next year for March Madness, teams are gearing up. The anticipation of talented players playing together is enough excitement to last a long time. Keep track of every entry on the NCAA website to see who enters the pool.

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