US Sports Betting OddsWhen betting on sports online, it may seem like a simple process, but there is actually a lot involved. New bettors need to make sure they have a complete understanding of betting odds and how these work. With this information, even new bettors will be able to make the right choices and benefit from some great cash returns on the bets they have placed online. Understanding odds will allow bettors to learn whether a bet is worth making. While it can be quite overwhelming at first, learning about odds is pretty simple and this knowledge will help to create successful bettors online.

More About Understanding Betting Odds in Sports

As a sports bettor, the goal is to be able to determine the outcome of an event and then compare that with the odds that are offered. If the odds that are posted ate better than the likelihood, then the bet is worth making. However, if the odds are less, the bet should be avoided to prevent cash losses. There are many ways in which odds can be presented. A sportsbook will assign a fair price for a certain outcome. This means that the set price is attractive to bettors, attracting them to the bet. Books will often adjust odds once they have been set if these odds are attracting too much or too little attention.

Types of Betting Odds

The most common form of odds are money line odds. These are very popular in North America and that is expressed as numbers that are greater than 100. These are either positive or negative numbers. When positive, the odds are the amount that can be won with a $100 bet. A negative number will represent the amount that has to be bet to win $100 for a correct bet.

Betting Odds in the US

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are also popular and these can be confusing for new bettors. Bettors will take a fraction, turn it into a decimal and then add one. For example, a fractional odds of 4/1 would be a decimal off of 1.25.

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are not so common but they are probably the easiest to understand. They are expressed as a fraction, such as 4/1, which would mean that $4 would be won on a $1 bet. Odds that are ¼ mean that $4 has to be bet to win $1. By understanding these different odds, bettors will be able to place bets in many different sportsbooks online.

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