Top NHL Betting Sites 2020The National Hockey League (NHL) is the most popular hockey division in the world, and one of the four major leagues in America alongside the NBA, MLB, and NFL. It takes place in the US and Canada concurrently, with a total of 31 teams vying for top honors in the competition. Bettors in America have been placing NHL bets for decades now, and with relative success to show for it. We’ve compiled the NHL betting guide for this purpose, to offer insight on the most popular markets in the ice hockey competition.

Bet on ice hockey matches at our recommended NHL hockey betting sites below. We’ve gone through each American sportsbook to shortlist the top 5 that feature a wide spread of the best NHL lines that North American bet on. Our guide also consists of betting tips that will assist bettors in making the right wager when betting on NHL hockey online.

Top NHL Betting Apps USA


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Online NHL Betting Guide

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How Do Odds Work in NHL?

You need to have a clear understanding of how odds work in order to succeed at ice hockey betting. Learning how to bet on hockey is not rocket science. However, there are a few basic rules that you need to know and understand. Owing to the fact that ice hockey is a generally low scoring sport, bettors will be offered plenty of markets ranging from predicting the score, top scorers in a match and many other score-related bets. We’ve featured some of the best NHL betting odds that you will find at top sportsbooks that feature lines on hockey games below:

NHL Betting Odds to Win Stanley Cup

Betting on hockey games involves predicting the eventual winner of the most coveted trophy in the game, the NHL Stanley Cup. All 31 teams battle it out in their respective NHL divisions to make it into the playoffs and get a crack at winning the trophy. The way in which a team performs during the regular season gives bettors an impression of how they might fare in the playoffs. This may offer players an idea of which teams to peg as favorites and which ones are underdogs going into the series games.

Bet on NHL Playoff Series

Once the teams have qualified for the NHL playoff games, they are entered into a series battle to see which team will come out victorious in a battle of potentially seven games. The best out of 7 games playoff series has its own betting odds while bettors can predict game by game. The great thing about online hockey betting is that there’s plenty of tipsters that provide predictions for free. Players can also check out the best NHL computer picks that curate game stats over a series of games.

When Do NHL Playoffs Start?

During the months between April and June, the Stanley Cup playoffs take place in a knockout round that pits the best teams in a best-of-seven series. Bettors can bet on Stanley cup winner as soon as the regular season by making NHL future bets. The odds on the favorites to win are based on how all the different NHL franchises performed in their respective conferences. You will find different lines to bet on, from NHL picks and parlays with a payout as well as moneyline bets that are pretty straightforward.

Best NHL Betting Websites

NHL Live Odds

NHL hockey live betting is available at top US sports betting sites for fans to redeem themselves after a bet looks destined to fail. These bets have varying odds that change instantly, with each puck that goes inside the net changing the dynamic of the game. Despite the fact that hockey is generally a low scoring game, you can use live betting odds to determine if the game is going to be over or under. These form part of the basic strategies when betting on hockey games since it is not enough to rest solely on luck.

Expert NHL Betting Tips

To understand how pro tipsters remain consistent winners betting on NHL games, you have to consider betting strategies that they use. New NHL bettors tend to jump the gun and make decisions based on what seasoned bettors wager. You will not find consistent wins without identifying how to read NHL public bets. Sportsbooks in America use algorithms that track what the public sentiment on certain games is and consequently adjust the odds.

Our comprehensive NHL betting guide explores the instances where bettors should bet with the public, or go against it as a strategy. Betting against the public gives you more chances of cashing in big bucks because you pick the team less fancied to win. Our expert tipsters have scoured NHL news updates and forums to gather what the majority stakes on games and come up with strategies to provide winning picks. Using NHL game statics and other intangibles (harmony inside the dressing room), tipsters provide predictions on the hottest picks on the day.

NHL Team Updates

Keep up with each NHL team news updates from the Eastern and the Western Conference. We update the team’s performance statistics and changes in player roster on a regular basis so that US bettors can have all the information they need.

NHL Eastern Conference

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