NBA Betting Odds 2020NBA betting is made interesting every year by the fact that there is a changing of the guards every single season. NBA teams change their rosters, coaches, and draft the best talent from college basketball to help them compete during the regular season. The aim is to win the NBA Championship and qualify for the playoffs. Check out some of the guaranteed NBA picks in almost every round and find out what influences the public’s betting.

The NBA is one of the most popular leagues in the world, featuring players such as Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry just to name a few. Dubbed the National Basketball Association, it is one of the four major leagues in the United States and was officially founded back in 1946. Made up of teams from North America, it attracts the best players from the rest of the world to US shores.  Find out which sportsbooks to pick to bet on NBA games from our list of the best betting websites for 2020.

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What you will find on this NBA Betting Guide

‎How to Bet on NBA Basketball

Latest NBA Basketball News

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NBA Team Standings

The NBA is made up of two divisions, the Western Conference and the Eastern Conference. The teams in each conference battle it out during the regular season to get a place in the final eight places on the league standings. The position that a basketball team ends up on is important because it not only determines the winner of the division, but also the seeding bracket once the NBA playoff series begins.

The NBA match-up sequence is fixed, with the first-placed team (1) facing the team in the last (8) position and the runner-up (2) will go up against 7th placed team. These games are part of the quarterfinals of the conference and the teams that advance into the NBA conference semifinals go through a similar process.

Today’s NBA Betting Predictions

The best oddsmakers in the US generally offer predictions on who will win tonight’s NBA games in every round. Bettors that are keen to win on their next bet are guaranteed NBA picks by expert tipsters that have been betting for a long time. Find the best basketball predictions over/under, money lines, NBA point spreads, or futures.

If you’re tipping the combination of the Warriors to win back to back championships, then you are not the only one. More than ever, bettors are also placing their faith in unfancied teams like the Raptors to cause an upset. The odds are pretty impressive and you can win big if they pull it off. Our expert tipsters have made WorldBookies one of the most trusted basketball predictions sites in America, so take our word for it.

NBA Basketball Tips 2020

When taking part in NBA sports betting wagers, US bettors must employ some kind of strategy in order to win with regular frequency. The odd win here and there can be mitigated by following our NBA tips to betting online. While our recommended NBA betting sites feature some of the best NBA odds, it is important not to be dragged to staking too much money that you won’t be able to win back. We’ve found certain NBA betting odds that have had a much higher turnover than others, and collated a list of tips to help you make informed bets.

  • US players should always stay informed on the NBA latest news, updates, and NBA scores. You can easily get the latest NBA results online or on the news. This will help you make informed wagers and win every time.
  • NBA computer picks are usually chosen by bettors that don’t have the stomach to select the winner of the games. The automated picks are generated based on a number of factors and players may find that both advantageous as well as disastrous. The computer seldom picks upsets, which jacks up the odds, but the outcome may be highly unlikely.
  • NBA handicapping is one of the most popular bets when bettors have a general sense that one team is going to win. It has way bettor odds than simply selecting a money line bet.

Find a list of our recommended sportsbooks online and bet on NBA games today!

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